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Winding Road to Freedom: Book Review


Winding Road to Freedom: Book Review


Authored by Dustin Rusbarsky, Winding Road to Freedom: 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Journey to Financial Freedom is a newly released non-fiction book featuring 15 ”financially free” co-authors.

ebook cover for winding road to freedom on youthlyhub.com

The author chose to have it ‘uncopyrighted‘.

Here is his message (which I found interesting):

”This book does not have a copyright. If you want to use someone’s story, it’s general courtesy to notify them first.  If you want to bless someone else with this book, it’s general courtesy to purchase it for them. That being said, you are free to make your own moralistic choices in this world. Uncopyright 2016, Winding Road to Freedom.”

A couple of weeks ago, I got tempted by an offer to buy this eBook (at .99p) by one of the co-authors whose mailing list I’m subscribed to.

As its popularly said, you can’t go wrong with one buck. So I thought, ”Hey, I’ve got nothing to lose”.  And I also get to visit my favourite book shopping channel – Amazon. Its just one book, it won’t burn my purse and there’s still space on my Kindle.

Soon after downloading, I browsed through the book content – hoping to read it soon enough after getting through my lonnngggg reading list of downloaded books, all waiting to be read – S.O.O.N.

You see, I’ve got such a secret crush on kindle but errm… I will save that story for another day. In the meantime let’s keep it a secret, cool?

Back to the newly downloaded book – the author’s name didn’t ring a bell. And I also only vaguely knew of a few of the co-authors except the one I learned about the book from, as his subscriber. From just scanning paragraphs and pages, the stories got me hooked. I read the  book from my iPad kindle in about 2 weeks, reading the content in small regular doses even while on a short trip.

Each story was refreshingly unique, inspiring and very real – no sugar coating. Out of 15, it was only one of the stories I found uninteresting and unmoving.

Many of the authors moved from mere blogging or online networking/ consumerism to building a steady online business. I found it a solid resource for self empowerment. As it traverses through live experiences and education by doing (on-the-go).

I expected to see some of the names of the big popular online influencers as is typical of many books on online entrepreneurship but was surprised to see only 3 names that were somewhat familiar.

In a good way, this anonymity made the reading more engaging because I found the names and stories refreshingly new. The co-authors defined success and financial freedom in personal stories where they also shared their struggles, challenges, failures and frustrations while juggling life, career changes, family and societal pressures.

Each story came with its own special dose of learning experience, roller coaster of emotions, trailer load of beliefs and risk taking; and ending on a note of simple takeaway points, next steps and recommended formulas to adopt.

The authors’ journeys were different yet had a similar pattern covering a humble beginning, turning point and lessons/ takeaway message.

I could (and can still) relate to their ups and downs; highs and lows; as someone who has been dipping my toes in the online entrepreneurial sea.

It always helps to read about how other entrepreneurs from around the globe are making their voyage a successful one – by studying the sea current, dabbling in and out, taking risks etc to gain experience. And how they keep at it with continuous persistence, doggedness, trials and passion.

They shared their experiences with no regrets.

They even included some of their income figures from the days of barely scraping through or living in dept to days of true passive income and financial independence. The author along with 15 other online entrepreneurs ~ 20+ to 40+ years ~ included authors, coaches, bloggers, freelancers and more.

The book project itself shows how a simple idea can lead anyone with the right mind-set, courage and persistence to achieve great goals.

Their stories will comfort any reader knowing that they are alone and can overcome any entrepreneurial challenge. This is especially so in the dark seas of the online world where to get to other side safely, you have to embrace the unknown, paddle through various points of adventure, experiments and challenges.

And keep striving towards the shores of earnings through multiple streams of passive income.

Favourite quotes

Below are some of my favourite quotes (and there were many) to empower you in thoughts and help you take action.

”Action brings learning and more actions” Paige Burkes

”Everyone has doubts. Everyone has failures. Everyone has uncertainties.” Dustin Rusbarsky

”Running a business is one of the best methods of personal growth around.” Kate McKibbin

”I simply reminded myself that for every ‘no’, I was one step closer to a ‘yes’.” Dustin Rusbarsky

”Its never about the tricks or the tactics alone. You need to learn. You need to take action. You need to push yourself.” Bryan Cohen

”…failure only exists if one fails to get the lesson from the experience. And any success that leads to complacency is really a failure to one’s future self.” Derek Doepker

”The winding road to freedom is never simple, nor is it straight and easy. Probably because as you saw, the mere definition of freedom is never simple, straight or easy.” Dragos Roua

The good, the bad and the so-so

Despite the gems that filled this book, there was some negatives.

These were the typos, simple grammatical errors and few editing blunders. My razor sharp ‘editing eyes’ could not miss them. I attribute this to the author single handedly creating the book.

As the author explained, he worked on the project and launch without outsourcing anything – from cover design, book formatting to outreach, creating landing page and sales funnel. What a huge task to handle alone!

I look forward to reading a revised edition where the errors are taken care of. My love for words and proper grammar structure ensured I couldn’t miss out on those errors even where subtle.

It would also be great to have it as an audiobook – a great way to help nurture the reading habit.

So, after reading the above summary and quotes I have a question for you.

Are you ready to push ahead in your search for financial freedom like the author did, after he reached out to 310 successful internet entrepreneurs and got only 15 yeses?

If yes, that would show an unmatched level of courage and doggedness towards your vision. If no, check yourself before you drown deep in pain, frustration and negativity with no clear direction to the shores of entrepreneurship.

If you have read this book what are your thoughts and takeaways? If you haven’t, what actions are you willing to take right now to start empowering yourself financially?



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  1. Diana December 5, 2016

    I’m new to blogging and proof reading is definitely a task by itself. I usually write and then come back at a later date and read it through and proof 🙂

    1. Amina Edota December 7, 2016

      I can relate to that. It’s always better to let the written text incubate for a while and if possible give it to someone else especially for book projects.

  2. Iman December 5, 2016

    What a nicely balanced review 🙂 I find the uncopyrighted thing really interesting, I wonder if it’s some sort of an experiment? I’m really intrigued now!

    1. Amina Edota December 7, 2016

      I came across the same Uncopyrighted concept some years ago on a very popular blog. I imagine he knows that it goes without saying that people will always copy especially online. So it’s like saying, do it anyway – I’m beyond that. It’s a great attitude to carry for those who can :).

  3. Yousra Naeem December 5, 2016

    I guess I should read this book now.
    Beautiful post❤

  4. Sainab December 2, 2016

    Great post! I’m exactly the same, I have serious razor sharp eyes when it comes to grmamatical mistakes. I’m not so great with finding my own grammatical mistakes though.

    1. Amina Edota December 2, 2016

      I know how difficult it is to edit one’s work, it can get so tedious. I’ve learned to separate writing sessions from editing ones – and that makes things much easier.

  5. Sahar November 29, 2016

    Interesting post. Every author has reminded the fact that nothing comes without hardwork and that is so true!

  6. Haifa November 29, 2016

    New to the blogging business world, this sounds like a book I must get my hands on asap. Thank u for sharing this!
    Such an intriguing point, the uncopyrighting part!

    1. Amina Edota December 1, 2016

      Yes, it is indeed – it is a bold and audacious thing to do especially in today’s world where plagiarism is increasingly common online.

  7. Haifa November 29, 2016

    New to the blogging business world, this sounds like a book I must get my hands on asap. Thank u for sharing this!
    Such an intriguing point, the uncopyrighting..

  8. Bazigah Murad November 29, 2016

    Well written review! Must get my hands on the copy.

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