Why Self Improvement Matters – And Ways to Achieve It [Even in Ramadan]

Why Self Improvement Matters – And Ways to Achieve It [Even in Ramadan]

How often do you ponder, ”Can I improve my life?

”How can I become my best?

”How do I balance my dunya and akhirah goals?

No doubt, these are part of your daily worries.

With the coming of Ramadan, you may have pondered even further, ”How do I join the ranks of those with Taqwa”?

”How do I reach the finish line cleansed of sins and filled with reward of many years of worship?”

”How do I become a better person in Ramadan?”

With all the information and resources flying around on Ramadan, no doubt you feel overwhelmed. And in fact you feel you are just no good.

Y.E.S, this special month of fasting comes with too many benefits to count. But N.O, it isn’t a month to become that perfect person.

It is a month filled with struggling, striving and opportunities for improvement.

Beyond Ramadan, you should remain on the path of improvement. In Ramadan, you should triple your self improvement efforts.

Allah (swt) is always pleased with the efforts of those who strive in His Path and for His Pleasure. But, He doesn’t place a burden that is too much for you to bear.

Self Improvement matters at all times because it shows you are human, open to growth & change, humble, intelligent enough to seek betterment and it opens the doors to life-long learning, excellence and active thinking.

When you remain on that path, you get to purify your soul, cleanse your heart and keep your body healthy – and in essence live a better life – to benefit yourself and the Ummah.

Path to Self Improvement In Ramadan

Having Sincerity. Fast for Allah’s sake alone. Whatever you do, do it for His sake and He will reward you.

If you hold fast to this simple principle in your daily life, you will find comfort, peace, success and contentment in your affairs.

Giving Gratitude. Give thanks for the big and small blessings of Ramadan. It is indeed a month of blessing and a gift unto mankind.

If you are alive to experience it, then give thanks for the awesome gift.

Taking Action. And countering procrastination. If you remember that these blessings are only available in limitless quantity for a limited period (29 or 30 days); what more do you need to propel you to taking action rather than thinking and talking?

Do what you need to do by taking smart and quick action.

Calling to Tawheed. Is there a better word than calling to Allah (swt) and the Truth of Islam? Dawah make you a better peron and helps to improve the condition of your heart and the heart of others too.

Give it a try and make it a part of your life. As a teacher once advised, you can advertise for Islam through dawah.

Time Management. With Iftaar, Suhoor, Tarawih happening with structure each day in Ramadan, you have no excuse to blow your time away. What you can do instead is plan your activities around these fixed hours so as to achieve a lot.

Consistency with Habit Building. Do not tire yourself with doing too much; commit to even a new habit daily throughout the month and challenge yourself to keeping it up. Your life will improve considerably.

Don’t bite off too much, otherwise you will abandon it more quickly than you picked it up.

Smart Budgeting. Invest and budget your wealth and skills in charity, knowledge building, dawah etc to fill up your akhirah account.

Don’t wallow in the matters of the dunya only – do not be consumed with cooking, cleaning, chatting and chilling. Ask for barakah in whatever you do, but be smart about how you budget your resources.

Reliance on Allah (swt). Use this month to submit yourself to the All-seeing, All-hearing and All-knowing.

Rely on Him and ask Him repeatedly. He is Independent, free of need, and Able to do all things.

When you rely truly on Allah (swt), you become free of worries and stress-free. Or at least you begin coping positively with the struggles and tough issues. This will improve your state of mind eventually.

Good News

You can achieve all of this in Ramadan – personal improvement, growth and excellence.

And you can achieve it even beyond Ramadan.

That is what defines a true Muslim – the mindset of growth, improvement, purification and overall betterment.

Self Improvement matters, for your mind, body and soul – it is a B.I.G driver of success.

Why not use the remaining days of Ramadan to improve yourself? Keep improving on what is left of the month and end it right on a spiritual sizzling high.

Your TurnIn what ways will you try to improve yourself in the remaining days of Ramadan?

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Download Infographic on Self Improvement in Ramadan here Post SELF-IMPROVEMENT in Ramadan


  1. A lot of people say you shouldn’t use Ramadan as a weight loss tool, but I think it can actually be beneficial and an act of worship! For me personally, I develop horrible eating habits and gain weight throughout the year because of it. It’s a sin! Eating more than your fill while others can barely eat a handful of rice and polluting your body with unhealthy food. I tried to eat only healthy, nourishing foods and focus on the prophetic advice of eating a modest meal. It’s a great reboot for the year! That is my focus this Ramadan. 🙂

  2. ChristalBlogs says:

    Nice infographic mashaAllah

  3. This is really motivating and I agree. What really matters is making an effort to do better.

  4. JazakAllah khair for sharing this article. Some excellent advice here mashAllah

  5. Subhanallah. Very well written sister. Ramadan is almost in its last quarter and there is always this feeling that I could’ve done better. However, it is never too late to gear up. In shaa allah I intend to stay up at nights for the last few days and indulge in ibadat. I want to develop habits that last for the coming year. In shaa allah, maybe we could improve our reading of the Noble Quran. Increase the number of ayats to be recited daily and study it indepth perhaps. Jazakiallah khair for inspiring! Stay blessed

    • Amina Edota says:

      Thinking about the ‘opportunities for improvement’ always serves as a boost and motivation for ‘building new habits’.

      Stay blessed Misha.

  6. As Muslims our goal is always to attain perfection in all that we do, even though we might not achieve it, Allah always rewards our efforts and intentions. Well written, mA

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