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The Tranquil Effect of Prayer


The Tranquil Effect of Prayer


The devil is like a bandit lying in wait to launch an ambush: every time you want to travel towards Allah, Satan wants to cut off your route.
{Muhammad S. Al-Munajjid}


Ever completed a prayer that felt like going through simple ritualistic movements that you hardly remember a thing?

You mind kept wandering in 101 different directions?

Or maybe you even recalled something important you have been trying hard to remember.

Or fell into an inner chatter from your recent hot gists.

But all to what effect?

More anxiety, stress and distractions hit soon after the prayer.

Now what?

With dua, planning, determination and conscious effort, you can turn around your non engaging prayer routine into a more devote state; involving your mind, body and soul; and even maintain the tranquil effect of prayer beyond taslim.

When you strive for tranquillity in your prayer, the resulting effect is three – fold; spiritual, physical and psychological rewards. You will be counted among the righteous, feel at peace and gain even more energy from your tranquil inner state.

How much do you crave that?

Follow the following steps to turn around your prayer into a life changing experience – an opportunity to gain closeness to your Creator and achieve tranquillity.

1. Ponder over the essence of prayer

Prayer was decreed by Allah (swt) on the night of Mi’raj (ascension); and thus termed because it involves invocation, supplication and worshipping Allah.

Prayer (Salah) is no doubt a great pillar of Islam, coming only after Shahadah (the testimony of faith). It has great significance in our lives; providing nourishment for the mind and soul.

”Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times” (Q4:103).

Prayer has many virtues.


1. Is worship.
2. Helps overcome Satan.
3. Prevents against immorality.
4. Safeguards against wrongdoing.
5. One of the greatest forms of Dhikr (remembrance).
6. Is a strong connection between you & your Creator.

2. Beware of Satan’s Tactics

Imagine there are three houses; the house of a king, filled with his treasure and savings, the house of a slave containing his treasure and savings, and an empty house with nothing in it. If a thief comes to steal from one of the three houses, which one will he choose?

(Culled from the book: 33 ways of developing Al-Khushoo’, (Humility and Devotion in Prayer) by Al-Munajjid, M.S)

It is with the same similitude that Satan uses his tools & plots to try to steal from you.

He is grievous of your attempt to connect with Allah and uphold a noble position through your Salah. He will therefore use different means to deprive you of the treasures and savings you receive when your heart is attached to Allah (swt).

3. Pray as the Prophet (saw) did

Follow in the steps of the Rasul (saw) and pray as he told us to do. He instructed us saying ”perform prayer in the way you see me performing prayer”.

And in him you have the best example, as with those who seek Allah’s pleasure and rewards of the hereafter.

Just as prayer has been made the comfort of the eyes of Allah’s messenger (saw) in this world, it can be a source of tranquillity for you and all the righteous servants.

4. What you need the most is Khushoo’

We all need khushoo’.

You need khushoo’ in your prayer more than anything. You must pray for it, strive for it & immerse your soul in it while praying.

The Prophet (saw) used to say in his supplication:

”O Allah, I seek refuge with You from a heart that has no khushoo’… {At-Tirmidhi}

Khushoo’ is a state of the heart. It encompasses,

– Calmness
– Humility
– Serenity
– Tranquillity
– Dignity
– Devotion

You can move your heart towards the state of khushoo’ using the following;

~ Listen to Adhan (call to prayer). Whether it is from an app or live call to prayer from the Masjid. Then say as the caller to prayer is saying and heed his call to success thereafter.

~ Sincerity in performing your prayer. Worship Allah (swt) alone sincerely without trying to impress others.

~ Correct purification. Purification is your key to prayer – spiritual & physical purification. ”The key to prayer is purification” At-Tirmidhi.

~ Prepare. Use siwak (tooth stick) to brush teeth, make ablution, cover aura, wear clean clothes & use a clean place.

~ Remove distractions. Seek refuge from Satan. Move close to a sutra (barrier). Look towards your position of prostration.

~ Recite. Read the verses of Qur’an with concentration in your prayer. Learn meanings of surahs and supplications so you can connect.

~ Remember. Remember death and offer your Salah as though it is your last.

Engage. Improve. Sustain

Prayer is the first thing you will be questioned about on the day of Judgment. Therefore it is imperative for you to perform it correctly so as to be accepted by Allah (swt). This will give a greater chance of all of your good deeds being accepted.

You can increase your concentration & draw closer to Allah, the Almighty through your Salah.

”…And stand before Allah, devoutly obedient.” [Q2:238]

You achieve tranquillity in prayer when you avoid distractions, reduce unnecessary movements, aim for serenity in all of your outward actions, utterances and movements while remaining humble and submissive inwardly.

Being tranquil in Prayer is an integral part of all the actions performed in Prayers as stated in the Qur’an and Sunnah. But this state lingers even beyond the Salah and into our activities outside the prayer.

Where are you regarding your Salah?

And where do you want to be?

Try these:

1. Think about the importance of prayer as worship & perform your prayers as if you see Him… for He can see you.
2. Strive for humility and devotion in your prayer.
3. Learn to pray as Prophet Muhammad (saw) did.
4. Eradicate the whispers of Satan.
5. Uphold the tranquil effect of submission even after your prayer.
6. Aim for Allah’s pleasure & the ultimate success for believers – in this world and in the next.

”Successful indeed are the believers, those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and full submissiveness”

You can take your life to a greater height.

Just take the first step – Guard your prayer.

And travel away from this dunya.

You will feel the tranquillity.

In your mind, body and soul.

Do you have more tips on how to attain a greater state of tranquillity in prayer? Please share below.

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33 Ways of Developing Al-Khushoo’, Humility and Devotion in Prayer by Muhaamd Salih Al-Munajjid
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photo credit: tawalker via photopincc


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