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The Skills Series [Intro]: 11 Essential Skills Every Youth Needs to Excel

Personal Development

The Skills Series [Intro]: 11 Essential Skills Every Youth Needs to Excel


Did you ever want something so bad, you were willing to sacrifice anything to get it?

Maybe you wanted to land a dream job, move into a new home, travel to a new place, pass your examination or launch a new business/project?

Do you remember how hard you worked to reach your goals?

From sleepless nights filled with prayers and extra supplications; to careful reading and researching. Then going through different situations, places & questioning people to get find all the right answers.

Yes, I guess you did it all!

And your prize was awaiting you, an outcome far beyond what you ever expected. Sweet success and yet another feather in your hat.

”Yeah, I made it…. Alhamdulillah!”, you thought over and over, wanting to shout it out to the whole world.

Or perhaps you have not made it yet, and not even half way towards your goals. Are you still at the point of ‘wanting’, but not sure how to get there or paralyzed with fear and self doubt.

No worries. You are not alone!

To attain your goals – and ultimately success in this life and the next – you need to persevere & work continuously on improving yourself – through new skills.

And it is not simply enough to learn these new skills to become another mediocre person on the block. Your life is about attaining excellence.

The most inspiring skills’ lessons in history come from no other than the life of the best man who ever lived – Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him. Such were the skills he was typically characterised by, and which you need to become better, think better & live better as a Muslim Youth.

This series aims to look at 11 of those skills, which are universal skills for all times and places. They have been extracted from the life of the best man who ever lived and his companions. They were great personalities and pioneers who strove hard to excel in all areas of their lives.

Narrated ‘Abd Allah (May Allah be pleased with him): The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ”The best people are those living in my generation, and then those who will follow them, and then those who will follow the latter……” (Buhkari)

The excellent standards they held on to, were rooted in their firm intentions which flourished into set goals and eventually showed in the way they exerted themselves fully when taking action.

Let’s make an intention to build on these skills, one step at a time. I will focus on one skill each day In Sha Allah, for easy digestion.

And the first skill to be discussed will be communication skills.

Bismillah! On your mark, let’s journey together towards excellence.

Photo Credit: Rupert. G cc via flickr [http://flic.kr/p/6bSNaW]


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