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[The Skills Series ~ #7] People Skills

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[The Skills Series ~ #7] People Skills


Part 7 of 11: Essential Skills Every Youth needs to Excel.

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Do you remember the epic story of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

In the narration, the Ansars (the helpers and inhabitants of Madinah) showcased remarkable people skills in the way they opened up their hearts, wealth and homes to the Muhajirun (emigrants from Makkah).

The Muhajirun left behind their wealth & possessions for the sake of Allah (swt), in order to establish the religion of Islam. Their faith and sacrifice led them to a life of peace and good relations with their brothers in faith.

The underlying bond of faith was further strengthened by good understanding & communication, great team work spirit and high level of collaboration with regards to serving the community and meeting their personal needs.

These two communities had different cultural outlooks as well as points of view on living. Yet, they were able to manage these perspectives so well and go on to sustain a long healthy living relationship.

The changes they experienced with their new living arrangement possibly increased their positive rapport rather than diminish it.

Living in a World of Change
Change is said to be the one thing that is constant in life. You cannot run away from it, so you must be prepared to expect & deal with it in life.

And while so many factors can bring about these changes; people will affect these change factors whether directly or indirectly. Each with their varying outlooks, needs and perspectives on life. It is therefore important to understand people well, manage them based on their views & experiences and still sustain a healthy relationship.

You need good people skills to excel at school, work, in teams, as a leader, manager and in nurturing healthy relationships wherever you find yourself. You will need it to succeed in your personal and professional life and in order to reach your goals.

This is with an understanding that no man thrives in a solitary mode. You need good company, innovative ideas, fresh perspectives and constructive criticism to excel.

It is about knowing how to use specific tools to improve on this skill if not developed already at a high level of competency. It is not dependent only on your personality type or mastery of certain technical skills alone.

Teacher with a Clout
I remember my experience at a very highly interactive weekend lecture session.

A packed lecture hall of attendees hung on virtually every word of the facilitator.  We laughed, smiled, reflected, answered questions, nodded in agreement, discussed points & shared ideas.

So it was a huge surprise when our interesting facilitator informed us that he is an introvert, and enjoys his own quiet company better than huge audiences etc. He went to describe his personality type and what he typically finds easy and what he avoids naturally.

According to him, the one thing he isn’t keen on is being among huge groups/ crowd.

That was so unbelievable, ”What had been happening all weekend, I wondered?”

”Has it all been a well rehearsed drama”?

Well, our amazing teacher had mastered the important art of understanding and managing people over the years. And this mastery helped him become a great teacher, mentor and caller to Islam.

Communicate clearly.

– Spread Salaam

– Smile.

– Build Rapport.

– Respect/Manage differences.

– Take things too personal especially at school or work.

– Give in to conflicts.

– Get abusive or aggressive with others.

– Look down on differences.

– Close your mind to different perspectives.

Utilising People Power
Imagine having the opportunity to turn your dream idea into a successful project, that helps not only you and the community you live in, but thrives after your lifetime. This ideas continues to spread around, serving the need of the entire Ummah.

Wouldn’t that be simply amazing?

Apart from the time and resources you will need to invest in this process, how will you choose & lead the suitable people in your dream team?

The know-how and theoretical skills matter but in the same way or even more important, are the people skills you need to excel with your idea – to begin moving towards your goals.

You need to manage collaborative situations effectively; improve interpersonal relations; build meaningful conversations, handle differences & conflicts well, nurture healthy relationships; & work with others reasonably  within ethics and good judgment.

So, are you on top of your people skills?

You can master it and move ahead with your super ideas.

First build a positive mind set.

Then, practice one key concept at a time.

Do you enjoy the company of others? What will you do differently to improve your interactions?

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