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[The Skills Series ~ #5] Dawah Skills

Personal Development

[The Skills Series ~ #5] Dawah Skills


Part 5 of 11: Essential Skills Every Youth needs to Excel

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Do you usually associate the word ‘dawah‘ with great imams & scholars?

Once upon a time, I thought about dawah in the same way. I imagined it had to do with only scholars and advanced students of knowledge.

And on a similar note, many youth often wonder and ask; Is Dawah my duty?

Dawah is a great issue; stemming from an excellent purpose and leading to huge rewards as stated by Allah (SWT).

”Who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah” [Q(41):33]

You have the energy in youth to engage in productive dawah activities and bring about productive results. So don’t wait, live productively while young! And follow in the keen & enthusiastic footsteps of the young companions (RA).

”Whoever calls to guidance, has the same reward as the person who follows him without his (the followers) reward being decreased one bit.” (Muslim)

And don’t feel you are too young for dawah. The call to Islam (dawah) is your responsibility and youth brings a good opportunity to engage fully in such rewarding responsibilities.

No matter your age, experiences, level, perceived weaknesses and disadvantages; there are many opportunities for you to make an impact on people closest to you and in the wider society by calling to Allah (SWT).

With correct dawah skills, you can connect others to your call – the message of tawheed. And you need excellent dawah skills to invite people to Allah and a better understanding of Islam.

The dawah, call to Islam is highly dependent on building relationships with people. If you genuinely care about others and have interest in inviting them to Islam, you need to become more observant – paying close attention to all that is happening around. Use all of your senses to capture the happenings around, as well as emotions involved.

You need skills & qualities such as peoples’ skills, flexibillity, good communication & listening.

– Have a sincere intention.
– Persevere.
– Have genuine concern for others
– Be a good example
– Take care of yourself
– Seek correct knowledge

– Look down on others
– Make things difficult for others
– Be harsh, offensive or violent
– Seek material gains
– Be extreme
– Hold double standards

When you call others to Islam, you are reaffirming your Tawhid and striving in the path that will increase your eeman (faith). And you can do it using your special strengths, passion and interests: such as dawah by words through writing; dawah by speech through lectures. Use of social media, tech devices, apps, videos etc.

”Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom.” (Q16; 125)

A daa’ee (the caller to Islam) is following in the footsteps of the messengers (AS) of the past. And certainly in the path of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as he encouraged us;

”Convey from me even if it is an ayah.” (Bukhari)

Invite others to Oneness of Allah (SWT) & sincerity of worship through the great power of intention. Make this the foundation for all of your matters of Islam, since it is our way of life – from conduct to trade to social interactions..

Strive to do what you can of dawah today according to your ability. And aim to pass your message across in a simple & clear language that others will understand easily. Start small and in little ways. But make sure you take that first step.

In what ways will you build your dawah skills today? What simple first step will you take?

photo credit: ►▲▲ / Cyril via photopin cc


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