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The Skills Series: 11 Essential Skills Every Youth Needs to Excel ~ #1 ~ Communication Skills

Personal Development

The Skills Series: 11 Essential Skills Every Youth Needs to Excel ~ #1 ~ Communication Skills


Read the ‘Skills Series’ Intro post here.

You have to mingle with different people every single day.


But how do you handle such interactions?

Do you enjoy listening and talking to other youth yet struggle through your daily relations with others?

That is not surprising. Since we all differ in many ways, you can only understand people and relate well when you are able to communicate properly. It is through communication that you can share ideas, goals and discover common grounds.

With good communication skills, you can engage better with your parents & build lifelong friendships. You will be able to live in harmony with family members, interact with peers & colleagues; all the while keeping to Islamic limits.

I find myself in work situations & personal settings where better communication makes it easier to resolve tense or awkward situations. It is not always easy because emotions could get in the way of being able to express yourself well.

Each day we are reminded of this reality – of how Allah (SWT) has created us to be different in our own unique way.

This unique.ness makes it so typical to say one thing and for the other person to understand it as something else. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to improve on those skills for mutual understanding.

Communication skills are invaluable, and especially for the Muslim Youth trying to maintain an Islamic identity and attain all round success. You need skills such as active listening, speaking clearly & trying to understand others for good communication.

As a Muslim, you should always be honest in your speech, have taqwa in your discussions & deal with others as you wish to be dealt with. Say what you mean as you mean it, without speaking with hidden meanings. Although this is the norm with some cultures.

And yes, you must surely know that communication is meant to be a two way exchange; that could involve verbal and non verbal interaction. From speaking & writing to good listening. So use whichever you find easier. But bring the interaction to the level of others – whether of age, background or knowledge.

You can connect easily with others when you are able to express yourself.  It is a powerful tool for personal development & collaboration. And a much needed skill you need to excel in life.

So make an intention NOW to improve your communication skills.

1. Give full & undivided attention when you are being spoken to.
2. Be straightforward. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
3. Be respectful in speaking and in giving responses.
4. Smile when appropriate. [Do you smile when you are trying to communicate displeasure?]
5. Try to understand what the other person is saying.

1. Interrupt the person speaking.
2. Multi task (ping, chat, tweet etc) or become distracted while discussing.
3. Fall in love with only your voice.
4. Shout, curse, attack or deliberately annoy others.
5. Be Judgemental.

Whether you are a sports person, entrepreneur or student; you need to develop good communication skills, so as to understand those you deal with. You can become a great communicator whatever your personality type. I know all about that.

SO try to build on those actions that will make you a better communicator. And rid yourself of those that will make your communication skills poor.

Do you find it easy to communicate with others? What skills do you often use? Share below in the comments section.

Photo Credit: Milica via Flickr [http://www.flickr.com/photos/ywds/310670770/]

photo credit: Milica Sekulic via photopin cc



  1. Shaik Ubaid December 28, 2014

    Asalamu alaikum…..
    I won’t say that I am among good communicators, but one thing I can say for sure,meeting your brother with a smiling face has a huge impact.

    1. Amina Edota January 5, 2015

      Alhamdulillah… a smile always helps. It can ease communication more than words in many instances.

  2. Adedehinbo Adeyinka December 10, 2013

    Pls I want to be signed up

    1. Amina Edota December 11, 2013

      Assalamu ‘Alaykum Adedehinbo, you can use any of the sign up forms on the homepage. You can’t miss them.

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