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Complete A-Z Guide for Busting Stress

Personal Development

Complete A-Z Guide for Busting Stress


Here’s your visual checklist for navigating through stress in youth.

Attention. Look closely at what causes you stress, so you can manage it with awareness. Be your own camera.

Attention sign

Attention. Camera under surveillance

Photo Credit: Sanberdoo cc via Flickr

Balance. Align your work/studies/ business with personal and family time. Consider each as worship and manage your time accordingly.

Golden balance scale

Balance scale

Photo credit: Hans Splinter

Control. Your thoughts become you. Keep them calm & positive and try to see the funny side of life.

Mac control button

Control button

Photo credit: Faramarz H.

Dhikr. Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah. ”Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” [Qur’an 13; V 28]


Blue sky

Photo Credit: ukhti27

Exercise. Move your body and work those muscles. You will become more active, healthy and feel good.

Basketball hoop


Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral

Friends. Spend time with beneficial companions and get uplifted with good reminders. Share a cup of tea as you exchange ideas.

Cup of tea

Mug of tea

Photo credit: Secretlondon123

Gratitude. Be thankful for all of your blessings. Now get to work and utilise those blessings before old age.

Gratitude artwork


Photo credit: Julie Jordan Scott

Hug. Give a hug; to your spouse, parents or your sister/brother.

creepy plant


Photo credit: Todd Baker

Istigfar. Seek forgiveness from Allah, the Most Merciful. And have hope in the Mercy of the Most Merciful.

Keep calm and...

Keep calm

Photo credit: Mauliddya Hasana

Journal. Release your thoughts in words. Let it flow while you capture it with your unique writing style.

Notepad and pen


Photo credit: Nomadic. L

Kindness. Be kind to yourself. You are only human with many weaknesses along with strengths.

Glass glass of milk

Glass of milk

Photo credit: Amina Edota

Language. Use positive words to boost good thoughts and feelings. Say ‘I can In Sha Allah’, instead of ‘I cannot’.

whirly letters

Photo credit: Juanedc

Mindset. Believe in the possibilities of your goals & dreams. Always envision paradise as your final destination.

Balanced rocks


Photo credit: pshutterbug

Nature. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a natural environment. You may even get to feed some ducks or pigeons while out there.

Summer view


Photo credit: nanagyei

Open Communication. Have a one-on-one with a trusted person, so you can explore your state of mind & hidden emotions.

Tab with communication inscribed

Photo credit: Rupert Ganzer

Prayers. When you pray with khusoo [focus], you emerge energised, refreshed and filled with inner peace.

Interior of Shk Zayed Mosque

Masjid interior

Photo credit: Amina Edota

Quran. Recite verses from the Qur’an or listen to a reciter, while pondering on the meanings. Take these as your reference notes.

Qur'an on stand

Qur’an on stand

Photo credit: Zaid Al Balushi

Rest. Take time off. Relax & put your feet up. You could read a book, chat with family or sit outside – while snacking on your favourite cupcakes.

Outdoor bench

Photo credit: Jimmy Brown

Stop. Simply STOP whatever you are doing. Step away to re-orient yourself.

Stop sign on ship

stop sign

Photo credit: Neal Fowler

Tahajjud. Wake up at night to pray at least two units of prayers with a heart focused on Allah, the Almighty. Some tranquility will envelop your heart and entire being.

Night time


Photo credit: Romina Campos

Understand. Understand those things that trigger your stress. Stay away completely if possible or step away when closeby.


Photo credit: Rupert G.

Visit. Pay a visit to a neighbour or family member. A change of environment will do you good and you will become a source of happiness for others.



Photo credit: Nana B. Agyei

Walk. Take a walk along your street, to the local store or to the park. You may prefer a quiet route to clear your head.



Photo credit: Alison C.

Xhale. When you feel like exploding, exhale instead. Exhale then inhale, and alternate with words of Glorification of Allah, the Almighty.

Green leaves


Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley

YouthlyHub. Browse through yHub site for some tips & insights for making the best of your Gift of Youth.  And you can always drop a message or ask a question.

YouthlyHub.com logo

yHub logo

Zzzzz. Always catch your Zzzzz. Plan for a good night rest & feel the tension drain away.

sheer blind


Photo credit: butkaj.info

Hope you are now ready to live a stress less life.

Shaped wooden blocks

‘The End’

Photo credit: naturalturn

Which is your favourite stress buster…  And in what other ways do you beat stress?

Photo Credit [Stress Button]: Via Google images


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  1. Said Hasan December 16, 2013

    Masha Allah. Beatiful. Amazing.
    In sha Allah. I will come to read again and again this post. JazakAllah khayr.

    1. Amina Edota December 17, 2013

      Baarakallahu feek! Please come again and read over & over again. Just make sure you bust the stress!

  2. Nagwan November 28, 2013

    Jazakum Allahu khayran! I really needed this. I think my favorite is “be kind to yourself. You’re only human.” I usually feel stressed when I don’t start my day right: shower, exercise, prayer and breakfast

    1. Amina Edota November 29, 2013

      Its so easy to be hard on ourselves isn’t it? I feel you Sr. Nagwan. Keep the reminder close, so you can go easy on yourself.

      Jazaakillah for sharing!

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