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Simple Ways You Can Think, Feel and Live a Clean Life

Personal Development

Simple Ways You Can Think, Feel and Live a Clean Life


***This is an updated post***

At birth and infancy, your personal care was handled by your parents and others put in charge.

In old age, it will likely be in the hands of your children and grandchildren or others put in charge.

In youth, therefore, comes a window of opportunity from which to embrace cleanliness and make it a part of your lifestyle.

When Cleanliness is half of Faith

The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings be upon him) said: ”Cleanliness is half of faith (Eeman).

[Sahih Muslim]

Our Islamic faith defines our values, character and actions. Cleanliness should therefore be a top priority in daily life and not an option. From what is apparent in your home, workplace and neighbourhood; to the inherent purity that should exist in your intention, thoughts and speech.

Cleanliness is our way of life.

Below are 3 simple ways to get you started on how to live a clean life.

1. ‘Intention‘ Matters [Think clean]. Everything you do stems from an intention and nobody but Allah knows what your inner thoughts are. It is important therefore to purify your actions with good thoughts & sincere intentions.

It isn’t enough to act showy for others to see and praise you but rather purify those intentions so that whether any one notices you or not, your acts will be based only on the Pleasure of Allah and rewarded duly In Sha Allah.

You must always strive to have good thoughts of Allah and His Messenger, sal Allahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Then strive to have good thoughts of other people. If you find this difficult, keep trying and make loads of Dua (supplication) for ease.

When you cultivate the habit of ‘thinking clean’, then it will become easier to have clean speech and perform pure acts. Youth provides that bridge between childhood and old age, and filled with a lot of choices and changes. It is an opportunity for making a habit of ‘clean thinking’.

Action Steps
•Renew your intention as you go along the day
•For everything you do, strive to do it with sincerity
•Check yourself; are your intentions, words and actions in sync?
•Challenge yourself to a week of ‘clean thinking’.

2. Your ‘Body‘ Matters [Look & feel clean]. Your body is a vehicle for aiding you on this journey to the hereafter. When you keep it in a clean state, it facilitates your journey in an easier manner. But when you neglect it, trouble begins. Your clothes must be cared for, in the same way you do for your body.

From Islam is the recommendation of bathing, brushing, oiling hair, shaving, clipping nails etc. For the Muslim youth, this is of utmost importance considering the active lifestyle of most young people.

Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu alayhi wa Sallam and his companions exemplified this with their actions – in the way they dressed, their manners while returning from journeys and simply performing their day-to-day activities.

Staying clean requires no extra bucks. Water and a few essentials will go a long way with a daily routine.

Action Steps
•Develop a simple routine for keeping your body & clothes clean
•Make healthy choice of products to use – harmless to yourself and to the environment
•Include your bath and body essentials in your monthly budget
•Challenge yourself to a week of ‘looking clean’.

3. ‘Environment’ matters [Live Clean]. Whether it is your workplace, home or car; your environment can affect your state of mind. Dirty places are repulsive, attracts disease and affects mood. And can you enjoy eating, praying, socializing, studying in such environments?

It is important to have a routine for doing your home chores – from cleaning, doing laundry and washing up dishes. Be consistent with a cleaning schedule so work doesn’t pile up and get too intimidating.

Have simple but creative storage systems for organising your things. Get some helping hands when things gets overwhelming, but avoid letting it pile up.

Respect your environment and remember how your use of it could affect others negatively. Remember to clean up after yourself whether at home, while visiting others or out in the community.

Action Steps
•Set up a budget for monthly cleaning essentials & stock up regularly
•Look for simple & bright ideas from your favourite lifestyle magazines; to make your surroundings suitable for sleep, study & worship
•Endeavour to leave any place you use cleaner than you met it
•Challenge yourself to maintain a ‘cleaner environment’. Start at home and invite a friend or 2 to help out in the neighbourhood.

Bringing it Together

We are naturally drawn to clean people & environments, and those who engage in pure speech rather than the opposite which can be repulsive or even offensive. Why not be an example that you want to see? Let the beauty of Islam shine through your clean life as a Muslim Youth.

Begin with a pure & conscious intention today and let that intention lead you on to cleaner heights

What one step will you take today to help master how to live a clean life? Please share below


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