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Shawwal: 4 Reasons You Should Uphold Changes from Ramadan

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Shawwal: 4 Reasons You Should Uphold Changes from Ramadan


Ramadan usually comes with its flurry of activities.

And the top goal is always that of gaining consciousness of Allah (swt).

Other goals include spirtual reawakening, inner cleansing & forming a deep connection with our Creator. All of which leads to getting energised and fully charged to face the world & its never ending challenges.

That state of mind and striving does not need to stop at the end of Ramadan. It is a training meant to prepare you for the months ahead, from Shawwal to Sha’ban.

Shawwal is therefore not a holiday but a period for consolidating all that you picked up in Ramadan.

Here are 4 reasons you need to embrace those changes & carry on striving – day after day.

Better mental health

Remember that Allah (swt) is your Creator, Sustainer & Provider – whether in or out of Ramadan.

Your fitrah (natural inclination) is directed towards His worship and true monotheism. And your healthy state of mind comes from remembering Him and submitting to Him always.

When you maintain a strong spiritual link with Allah (swt) at all times, you will find yourself in a good state of mental health. A state in which your mind, emotions and soul are at peace and find contentment with all matters.

A blessed lifetime of good deeds

Change happens gradually. So you should build upon one good deed at a time. Don’t simply dream about change – act upon what you can no matter how simple or little it may seem.

And just as many tiny drops will build up a large reservoir, so will your little deeds grow into a huge bank of rewards.

Use your time wisely to grow your little seeds of good deeds. Because among the favours that many are deceived by, are ‘health and spare time’ – as a Prophetic narration stated.

Shawwal is not a month to relax, but time to hustle & build upon your good deeds of Ramadan so as to grow them into life long habits.

Key to personal development

When you change your attitude, thoughts, habits and corresponding everyday actions, your lifestyle changes for the better.

Change is uncomfortable but necessary. So go for it.

Begin with the recommended 6 days of fasting in Shawwal. Refine your speech and character. Guide your modesty and give charity daily. Become a model of sound character and manners.

You can change yourself as you can’t easily do others. Strive to become a model of positive change so others can become influenced to live a better life.

Strengthening love and brotherhood

The oneness of the Ummah is profound in Ramadan. From the communal fasting to tarawih prayers, community service and Umrah.

You should continue in as many ways as you can to support and strengthen the brotherhood after the special month.

The similitude of the believers is like bricks in a wall; each supporting the other. Smile, spread salaam, engage in noble causes and be your brother’s/sister’s keeper.

Make Du’a for him/her, accept his/her invitation, and direct each other to goodness.

Do all you can purely for the sake of Allah (swt), and in a bid to make the Ummah better.

Still Making Excuses?

Perhaps you feel life is easier when Ramadan activities are preserved for that month only.

And beyond that, it’s time to continue ‘normal life’.

Well, ‘normal life’ is all about changes. It could be from within you or from your surroundings. From your biology to your cognitive state; and to the happenings in the wider society. Changes happen all the time. And it is part of the test of this life.

But you have a choice.

Will you see positive changes so as to better your life ? Or keep doing what you’ve always known how to do – and remain within your comfort zone?

Upholding those great changes from Ramadan will help you nurture your soul through connecting with Allah, the Most High. And strengthen the Ummah through connecting with your brothers/ sisters. It will also help develop your character and enhance your personal growth.

Shawwal is not a holiday after all. It is an opportunity to put into practice as much as you can from your recent Ramadan experiences. This is the best time to work on them.

Invest in each Shawwal day to strengthen the good habits & changes you experienced in Ramadan.

And reconstruct your life through the positive changes from Ramadan.

The path of change is where you need to be right now.

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves
(Qur’an 13, 11)

*What are your Shawwal goals? What changes will you be upholding from Ramadan?*

photo credit: Ole Husby via photopin cc


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