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22 Fun, Easy and Rewarding Ways to Honour Your Parents


22 Fun, Easy and Rewarding Ways to Honour Your Parents


Question: What is the most difficult job in the job?

Can you guess? Just 3 guesses.

And the answer is…

Answer: Parenting.

Are you surprised? Parenting is said to be ”the most difficult job in the world”.

Do you agree or not?

Well, its all about putting in long hours with no pay!

Youthlyhub.com meme of long hours with no pay

The greatest motivation for the Muslim parent is Allah’s promise. That of an everlasting reward for good parenting of a child. This includes providing the basic living essentials as well as moral and religious teachings.

Hence, the rewards and consequences of the parenting job goes beyond this temporal life.

”And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith – We will join with them their descendants, and We will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person, for what he earned, is retained.” (At-Tur, 52:21)

Allah’s messenger (SAW) said:

“Upon death, man’s deeds will (definitely) stop except for three deeds, namely: a continuous charitable fund, endowment or goodwill; knowledge left for people to benefit from; and pious righteous and God-fearing child who continuously prays Allah, the Almighty, for the soul of his parents.” (Muslim)

In remembering the rewards, parents find comfort and solace for every financial, emotional, physical and spiritual commitment made towards raising their child(ren).

Who then deserves great honour for such a lifetime of commitment and devotion?

I guess that should be easy enough for you to answer.

You should honour your parents in little and big ways, and always make them feel special. Surprise them again and again by taking out just a little time to study and understand their personalities and preferences.


You cannot ever repay your parents for their time and sacrifice in bringing you to this world and raising you.


Parents are only humans, so they are crooked, imperfect and unbelievably annoying in so many ways.

Your simple duty from day-to-day

Your simple duty is to honour them.

And for those who have had a less-than-ideal relationship with their parents, it is a difficult situation to be tested with. I understand. Still, don’t abandon them as payment for their acts.

Find a safe space to heal and get the right kind of professional support to help you explore your emotions, grow and move beyond the negative time you had with them.

Honour them in your own special way. And take baby steps towards fulfilling your duty towards them even if they did not fulfil their own duties the right way.

Repay them with good and seek your reward from Allah (SWT) alone. He is the All-Knowing and All-Seeing. Also learn from their mistakes, by giving your own children and every child under your care the love and attention they deserve as exemplified by the life of the noble prophet (SAW). He was a great model of positive parenting.

So regarding your parents, make this your mantra:

”And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.” (Al-Isra, 17: 24)

And remember Abu Hurayrah (RA) quoting the Prophet (SAW) as saying:

“He is doomed, he is doomed, he is doomed.” Then someone said, “Who, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “The person whose parents, one or both of them, reach old age during his lifetime but he does not enter Paradise.” (Muslim)

Without further ado, I present you with:

22 fun, easy and rewarding ways to honour your parents

Use these ideas to help cement a winning relationship with them, avoid excuses and make the best of your time together.


> They deserve it by virtue of their parenting role;
> It will help you bond with them and appreciate them even more;
> You want to be a shining and positive example of a true Ambassador of Islam;
> It will help create positive memories that you can share with the younger generation;
> In life, our special relationships should have fun, humorous and rewarding moments to enjoy;
> You are investing in happiness for both worlds ~ dunya and akhirah ~ through the people that matter most.


Here we go… 3,2,1. Let’s get started.

22 fun-tastic ideas with 22 fun tips

1. Share a funny, laughable, tummy tickling experience you had at home, work or school with your parents.

Youthlyhub.com meme on l-o-l

Fun tip: Make sure you laugh-it-out-loud with them.

2. Ask them to give you their family history. Draw a family tree starting from yourself and see how far back they can go -3, -5 or more generations.

Fun tip: Have your pen and notepad ready (and of course a tissue box); and be prepared for some hilarious ‘never revealed’ family stories.

3. Introduce your good friend(s) to them.

Fun tip: Add a short snappy story or anecdote to each name/ face so it will be more memorable for them.

4. Assist them in cleaning, reorganising or de-cluttering their favourite part of the house.

Youthlyhub.com meme on honouring your parents

Fun tip: Be super-patient with their attachment to certain items. Heyyy, expect it!

5. Surprise them with Hajj/ Umrah tickets if you can afford it and they are physically able to perform the rites.

Fun tip: Equip them with a simple camera or a phone with good camera so they can capture some fun memories for you.

6. Teach your children to respect them and treat them kindly.

Let them always greet their grandparents with Assalamu ‘alaykum, say please and thank you (JazaakAllah khayr), smile at them, hug them and make du’a for them.

Fun tip: Practice what you preach! Or your little ones will ask why do you tell us to do ‘A’ while you are doing ‘B’ to grandpa/grandma.

7. Ask them to share some of your growing up stories (when you were between 0-5 years) to include all the pranks, troubles and dramas you got into; ideally at a family get together.

Fun tip: Make sure your skin is sooo thick, it can conquer the laughs and pointing fingers going – You… You.. You.

8. Take you children to visit them and go along with some of their DIY innovations or pictures.

Meme on grandparents being proud of their grandchildren

Fun tip: Arrange for the children to set up the invention with their grandparents. Enjoy yourself while you get free entertainment with the kids being facilitators/ teachers to their grandparents.

9. Encourage them to do some good deeds. Make out time to go with them to visit their neighbours, the sick or attend a lecture.

Fun tip: Contribute something to carry along and share an inspirational hadith or Quran verse to keep you all motivated.

10. Cook them their favourite meal

Fun tip: Introduce them to some healthy food alternatives. *Wishing you all the best with this one*

11. Be their hairdresser for a day or arrange for a mobile hairdresser to give them a session at home.

Fun tip: On your mark, get ready to follow explicit instructions.

12. Give them a gift of their favourite flowers or something from nature (e.g., fruits and veggies) specially selected for them.

Youthlyhub.com meme on let's get healthy

Fun tip: Arrange the flowers or cut up the fruits/ veggies just the way they like it.

13. Give charity in their names. You can plant a tree or build a well as sadaqatul jariyah for them.

Fun tip: Keep them posted on growth of tree or use of well. And send pictures with regular updates if possible.

14. Have a ‘Thank You’ badge, poster or plaque made for them.

Fun tip: Present it to them in a grandiose style especially at a mini family time.

15. Discuss some of your dislikes and phobias.

Fun tip: Compare notes on how many you have in common. {I share my phobia for cockroaches and dislike for dirty, dosorganised places with my parents}

16. Call your parents regularly, send chats, SMS or video messages especially if you live far away.

Youthlyhub.com meme on keeping in touch with parents

Fun tip: Call early, from work or late in the day and tell them, ”I just called to hear your voice”.

17. Discuss a recent event in the news and ask for their viewpoint.

Fun tip: Practice good listening first (with your body, eyes, ears and heart) even if they think the event is tied to something that happened in 1900. You can humbly share your view afterwards.

18. Visit their friends and take along something they like.

Fun tip: Take a funny picture and send to your parents. You could create a meme from the picture instead.

19. Laugh at their jokes even if you’ve heard it a 100 times before. Don’t roll your eyes, look bored or cut them short saying, ”Oooo I’ve heard that before you know”.

Fun tip: Make your eyes tinkle, your lips curve as you try to warm up to the joke. WARNING: *Don’t overdo it please*.

20. Partake in their hobby e.g gardening, nature walk, baking, cycling.

Youthlyhub.com meme on nature walk with parents.

Fun tip: Get the same type of walking shoe, apron or gloves for you and them.

21. Share something important you are working on with them – whether its a book you are writing, or a business you are launching or a trip you are taking.

Fun tip: Ask about an adventure or project they embarked on when they were at about your age.

22. Compliment them on their looks, cooking, tea-making or other skills; especially those they are proud of.

Youthlyhub.com meme on complimenting your parents

Fun tip: Tell them you or another sibling has inherited it from them, but they still rock it like no one else!

A two-fold reward

There you go!

Some fun-tastic ways to honour your parents.

Mind you, not all of these ideas will work for you and your parents. Just as not all will work for me and my parents. The main idea is to have fun while making them truly happy and proud to be your parents.

So you get to have fun while pleasing Allah (SWT). And you earn great rewards while getting a good laugh. You know you should laugh while you’ve still got some teeth. Even if your parents do not have all of theirs intact, at least yours will compliment theirs.


Whether you are a parent already or soon-to-be; whether you still live at home or live far away; use your imagination, feelings and intellect to do what is right by ”treating your parents with excellence.”

Honour them while they are still alive and of sound understanding.

The reward is two-fold, both for this world and the next. No one deserves such honour from you so share it in your own unique, throat tickling, tummy rumbling ways.


Rock their world!

So, how does it feel to have before you many simple ideas to help you earn some cool rewards and rock the world of your parents?

You’ve taken a first step in the right direction. You should be pleased with yourself; armed to the teeth to bombard them with heartmelting love.

Imagine using just one of these ideas every month; that gives you enough fun ideas to boost your relationship for the whole year with your parents.

Consider it a solid investment in the core of your faith. Now that you have some ideas of what you can achieve, go out there and let them feel some of that fun-tastic love.

Over to you – which is your favourite from above? And which other fun ideas can you think of, please share below.


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  1. Sainab Sharif September 30, 2016

    These ideas are great! Such lovely ways to honour our parents. They really do need our time and effort!

  2. American Hijabi September 29, 2016

    This was so sweet! I absolutely love these ideas, thanks for sharing!

    – AH

  3. Haya September 29, 2016

    I enjoyed reading this. I loved reading the fun tips. I have to try these. I feel, showing appreciation, seekin their advice and being polite makes difference. May Allah make us coolness of our parent’s eyes. Ameen

    1. Amina Edota September 30, 2016

      Amin to your duas. And yes, the points you mentioned would surely make a difference.

  4. afreen September 28, 2016

    Lovely post.In fact,we can not repay our parents ..But you mention great ideas and all the ways to show our love are great.

  5. Nazima Qureshi September 27, 2016

    Lovely reminder <3

  6. Britdeshimummy September 27, 2016

    Like many I don’t think I actually realised how much my parents do for me till I became one. In fact my son has made my relationship with them stronger. In regards to those who’s relationship with parents have broken down, I do believe it’s never too late to make a change however big or small, you just have to want it!

  7. Samsam September 26, 2016

    I live in a different country than my parents but I’m on daily contact with them. You never truly appreciate them until you become a parent yourself and realise how much they have done for you.
    Lovely post

  8. Fazeela Ibrahim September 26, 2016

    OMG! This made me miss them so much!! I just wanna call my mom and speak to her. I loved all your funny tips. And my favourite is 22..she is a great cook..lemme ring up and say I miss her Biriyani!!

  9. Breharne September 26, 2016

    The only way my daughters could ever “repay” me is to do the same for their own children :). Lovely post, thank you for sharing.

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