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Personal Development Tools that Make Life Less Complicated


Personal Development Tools that Make Life Less Complicated


We all desire positive changes in life.

Or don’t you?

And we seek it in different ways.

But that deep inner fear may cause paralysis and inaction – from fear of the unknown, fear of looking silly, fear of technology to fear of leaving your comfort zone. It is normal.

You can utilise some tools for such changes. They will help boost your growth and development. And the changes you seek will be accomplished with no complications.

All you need to do is download and install the applications on your devices or simply open your browser to get to the website. And your growth and development journey will unfold.

Read through so you can decide, download and delight in some great personal development tools.

Let’s get started.

10. Asana

I love exploring new ideas and tools but it took me a long time to try out Asana.

I must have heard about it over a dozen times from trusted experts. Yet, it was after I recommended it as a possible group interaction tool that I was forced to experiment with it.

I let our group tech guru check it out first to OK it. After she had wet her feet a little, we jumped in after her. All I could think afterwards was, ”Why didn’t I try it out earlier?”

It is a great organisational tool – especially for those who are goal oriented like myself. You can structure your goals using format of a to-do list and follow your progress easily.

You can plan different tasks and projects, monitor progress, include team members in conversations and do much more.

For your productivity, communication and collaboration, Asana will move you easily from A-Z.

Give it a try: For your weekly goals and different personal, school and work projects/ ideas.

9. Audible

My first experience of using Audible was a powerful one.

Although I listen to a few selected podcasts regularly, I never thought I could listen to hours of audio content with so much energy and rapt attention.

But in a matter of a few days I eagerly finished my first book on audible – The One Thing.

I love reading and would easily pick a book over listening to audio or watching a video most times. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it a rewarding experience. One that I couldn’t wait to experience again.

They give a free 30-day trial for new users.

As it a branch of Amazon, you will find many awesome personal development books as you will on Amazon site itself.

Give it a try: Immerse your sense of hearing and feel an exciting difference in the way you learn and absorb information.

8. Canva

I wasn’t too sure whether to add this to the list or not.

But I thought, why not? It is a design software which boosts creativity and stimulates the mind in many ways. Plus its FREE and super easy to use, considering the beautiful results it gives.

Canva turns everyone into a confident designer, myself included. It is a site with free templates that you can use to create your own graphics, image quotes, book covers, posters… you name it.

Mind you, there are paid elements and premium membership is available.

But if you are after simplistic yet captivating design with little to zero tech skills, Canva is the place to be. For the highly visual people, take visualisation to the next level as you explore new ideas.

Give it a try: Take time to browse through the ready-made templates in their library and feel the ideas flow within you.

7. Dropbox

As the name goes – its a virtual ‘box’ where you can drop your important files – from pictures to videos. It is a safe cloud storage for large files. I presently use it with my backup plugin, to store blog backup files and other important bits.

It is a time saver and saves me from worrying about loosing important docs.

It can be synced to different devices and its easy for sharing with others.

Give it a try: Share important work-in-progress with your team mates using Dropbox.

6. Evernote

What can a writer do without Evernote?


It allows you to research, write, save and organise your work into notebooks. And you can do so much more – just keep exploring the features to get the best out of it.

For me, the sweetest point is that all of my jottings, drafts and ideas now have a central home. No more searching through hundreds of word docs to retrieve important work.

It saves me time, energy and focus. And lends structure to any creative work from preparation to presentation.

Give it a try: Download Evernote and create your first notebook then do some free writing.

5. Feedly

As the name denotes, it is a curation site for contents from blogs, feeds and news sites.

You can boost your productivity level with this application. Simply choose what sites delight you and you can access articles from all of your those websites at one location.

It can save you jumping from one site to the next, trying to catch up on the latest posts to read.

So you can read, learn and share with ease.

Is that cool or what?

Give it a try: Choose one category in feedly and pick all of your favourite sites from that category.

4. Amazon Kindle

One of my favourites.

The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. And who wouldn’t?

For optimal growth and development you need to read beneficial books and there’s only so much you can carry about in your bag or pocket.

With kindle, you can carry loads of books without any health risk. You will also find ease in switching from book to book, keeping your position synced across all of your devices and highlighting the important parts.

Read your favourite books and even study materials in PDF form on the go.

It gives me pleasure when I’m traveling especially on long distance journeys to know that I can carry along many books.

Give it a try: Download a free e-book or a sample and get reading with Kindle.

3. Quran Majeed

I fell in love with this app the very first time I saw it in use – many years ago.

A dear sister, who teaches Qur’an, was reading through the Arabic script while waiting for an event to begin. I was so captivated, as she explained the features to me – different reciters, ability to increase or decrease speed of recitation, repetition mode for individual verses, different translations etc.

Although I’m not an impulsive buyer, I decided at that moment to buy an ipad so I could experience the Qur’an Majeed app. It was the first paid app I installed on my ipad. And it has been a dear companion to me on my Qur’an journey.

Some of the things I like are; the highlighting feature, zooming capability and the translation mode which allows me to glance at the meanings as I read through the verses. I have also discovered some new reciters who I had never listened to before. And more than anything, I love the speed at which I can search for a chapter and then locate a verse which isn’t the same with printed copies.

I take the ipad everywhere with me knowing I can bring the noble Qur’an close to my heart through this app.

Give it a try: Try the free lite version for yourself and feel the power of the Qur’an Majeed experience.

2. Skype

Are you thinking, Skype?

Yes, indeed.

Because it is so super doper easy to use and its FREE for basic calls, messaging and chats.

With Skype, you can connect with teachers, mentors, family, friends and clients. It is a tool for strengthening relationships, boosting emotional awareness and fostering social bonds.

The power of a voice or video can create many changes; transcending borders and cultures.

It has facilitated deep life changing conversations for me with people from all around the world. It makes the world smaller and much more connected.

Skype is also a great collaborative tool.

Give it a try: Experiment with Skype. Simply download and call your friend, colleague or loved one today and have mindful conversation.

1. Notepad

No surprises here, eh?

The good ol’ notepad is simply the best – anytime, anywhere, any day.

With a notepad, you can’t go wrong – no network or browser issues; no bugs or viruses to worry about, no expenses, no manuals to read or need to Google up info.

It is a great tool for writing, brainstorming, sketching, mind mapping, record keeping etc. You can adapt it for your use. You can personalise a ready made one or create one yourself.

Nothing can replace the pen on paper experience. I enjoy my pen-on-paper writing especially using the 4-in-1 coloured pen.

Give it a try: Buy a simple notepad and pen and carry it everywhere with you.

Take Action

Now you’ve read about these personal development tools.

No need to fear the unknown… there isn’t a rocket science theory behind their usage. And I promise you won’t look silly trying out skype or canva.

Most of these tools are user friendly. You will be transformed to higher level of growth and learning without feeling any discomfort.

If you still harbour some fear about using these tools after reading the above descriptions, I may need to pair you up with my 3-year old little lady who has taken to technology as fish does to water.

What are waiting for?

Empower yourself. Pick one or more of these tools that will help you move closer to your goals today.

Its time to decide, download & delight in your growth and development.

So which of these personal development tools do you use already? And which are you ready to download and delight in today?



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  1. hena December 28, 2015

    very informativ esp fr newbies like me..thanks!

  2. Foz December 27, 2015

    JazakAllah Khair for sharing. Had heard of only a few of them. Will take a look at the rest of them in sha Allah

    1. Amina Edota December 27, 2015

      Wa iyyaki.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Would love to hear about your experience with them…

  3. Najmah December 25, 2015

    Assalamu alaikom sis. I use some of these tools! I like reading posts like this. I’m also about to write my list of tools and apps that I’ve been using in studies, blogging and freelancing. I’ll let you know when it is posted. In shaa Allah. 🙂

  4. Zainab December 24, 2015

    I have so many goals, I think they’re what motivates one to give each day they’re all.
    Become a better Muslim
    Save as many animals as I can
    Get my degree
    Cut down on eating so much meat and workout more
    Take my food blogging to next levels
    Get married oneday
    Those are main goals and inshallah Allah knows what is in my future I just pray all is good 🙂

    1. Amina Edota December 25, 2015

      Khayr insha Allah.

      Let’s have hope for the future, and trust in Allah (swt) as the best disposer of affairs.

  5. Umme Hafsa December 24, 2015

    This is a really great post. I’ve heard so much about Asana too – I use Evernote to store my blog posts/check lists/projects etc. but I’m thinking moving over to Asana for a more organized and manageable feel inshaAllah. Do you feel that Asana is necessary when you have Evernote? 🙂

    1. Amina Edota December 25, 2015

      I feel both serve slightly different purposes depending on your need.

      Asana helps you manage your tasks and projects in a sane way – whether its writing related or not. And especially within a team because you can track progress and converse in a distraction free space. For a process oriented person like myself, its brilliant. Its a workflow organiser.

      Evernote helps you store resources you find online in one place. And in the same way you can save your ideas, notes, visuals and verbal recording. What’s more, you can easily search for a note or text through keyword search.

      I love them both. And feel they can help in different yet ‘complimentary’ ways.

  6. veena December 24, 2015

    notepad! anytime for me.

    1. Amina Edota December 24, 2015

      I feel you… Notepad does it well.

    2. Amina Edota December 25, 2015

      Yup. Notepad always tops the list for me too.

  7. CreativeKhadija December 24, 2015

    These all are really necessities these days! thanks for sharing dear!

    1. Amina Edota December 24, 2015

      Thank you for reading and commenting dear.

  8. Myda Tahir December 23, 2015

    JazakAllah Amina,
    Great informative post as usual.

    Eat Healthy Stay Healthy 🙂

    Myda Tahir

    1. Amina Edota December 24, 2015

      Wa iyyaki Myda. Thank you for reading…

  9. Abd urRahman Affshafee December 23, 2015

    Well, I do have other goals. I did not mention that in my comment.

  10. Abd urRahman Affshafee December 23, 2015

    You wanted to know about my top goals, so here is some.
    -to reside in Jannat al Firdous in the afterlife for forever.
    -to become a world leader. The ummah lacks people like Zuckerberg.
    -To be a very good husband in future.

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