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Life Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 2)

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Life Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 2)


”The true value of a person lies in his or her mind & how they use it. For great entrepreneurs it does not matter the business they are in because they will likely succeed in just about any venture”.

(Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs)

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Life lessons or Entrepreneurial lessons – Can you connect the dots?

The following lessons are extracted directly from the ebook – Presidents, Pilots and Entrepreneurs.  I find them invaluable for entrepreneurial success but also overlaps with day-to-day success. These are some of my favourites, there are many more gems in the book.

Can you connect the dots?

On Vision & Goals

  • ”Create an environment in line with vision”.
  • • ”A goal is a desired end, while a milestone is a marker on the pathway to that end. Try to understand the difference between a goal & a milestone; A sure-fire way of falling victim to busy work, is failing to articulate your GOALS. Check your markers often”.
  • • ”Actions should be in harmony with goals and objectives”.

On Passion & Motivation

  • ”Be driven by belief and passion”.
  • ”Find a way to integrate your PASSIONS into your products & services and look out for opportunities to deliver extra value”.
  • ”Remember small changes lead to bigger ones … One step at a time!

On Lifestyle

  • ”Balance out your life by finding regular community activities unrelated to work”.
  • ”Vacations are a must; some of the best ideas surface during moments of rest.   Vacations do not have to be expensive or elaborate. It serves as a means of recharging regularly, and moving out of current environment”.
  • ”Regardless of your level of optimism or healthy mental state, toxic personalities & environments will eventually take a toll on you… if possible limit your contact with such or cut them off completely”.

On Values

  • ”Develop a healthy gut instinct. And avoid ‘auto negation’ – a destructive habit of talking oneself out of new ideas almost as soon as it hits rather than taking swift action”.
  • ”Remember the community; do not enter the game of entrepreneurship just to make money; Make your business a means to a worthwhile end and improve the quality of life for yourself as well as those closest to you and your surrounding community”.
  • ”No one can force you into anything. The choice to enter a bad deal is all your own. Any customer who insists on making unreasonable requests – and it is up to you to define what is reasonable – does not deserve to benefit from your service”.
  • ”Accept constructive criticism”.

On Relationships

  • ”A great deal of effort & care goes into building strong customer relationships; While it may take years to build such relationships, a single careless act can undo it. So each customer should be treated like an ONLY customer”.
  • ”LISTEN to your customers”.
  • ”Choosing a business partner should be taken as seriously as choosing a spouse. It can be one of the best decisions if done right or one of your worst if done in a careless fashion”.
  • ”Reach out to old customers (You never know what pain they may be experiencing right now); Make it a procedure in your normal routine”.

On Entrepreneurial Journey

  • ”Tough times are part of the great journey, not a sign that you made the wrong decision”.
  • ”More goes into running a great restaurant than being a great cook”.
  • ”Expect failure, embrace it, learn from it and apply the lessons in real time along the way. Do not fear failure & do not allow failure to prevent you from attempting again”.
  • ”Successful entrepreneurs tend to retool and reinvent themselves, as opposed to all out quitting. Winners never give up hope of being successful despite setbacks, temporary defeats and failures. Bill Gates’ first software company was Traf-O-Data which made only a few thousand dollars in revenue; then later launched Microsoft”.
  • ”ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL… Your first question to yourself should always be, What would I be doing now if it were really impossible for me to fail…” [extracted from Dorothea Brande’s ‘Wake Up and Live’].
  • ”Even if you fail, at least you took your shot and will never have to ask yourself ”what if”. How many ”what ifs” will you collect over the years? Decide once and for all today to stop making excuses and take your shot”.

While I may not have earned the title of a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’, I am learning to ‘think‘ and ‘act‘ as a one. As I continue to learn & make small changes each day, soon enough… I will cross that bridge In Sha Allah . Hope to meet you on that side of the bridge.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. – Unknown

So which of these lessons can you relate to, and take action on NOW – whether in your daily life or on your entrepreneurial journey? Please share below…

photo credit: Kevin Dooley cc

Extracted from E-book, ”Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs” [Lessons from the Trenches for the Everyday Entrepreneur] By Derrick S. Jones. Smashwords Edition (2011)

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