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A Must Read for Every Creative Mind: What ‘Writing’ & ‘Entrepreneurship’ have in Common


A Must Read for Every Creative Mind: What ‘Writing’ & ‘Entrepreneurship’ have in Common


Here’s a little teaser.

What does ‘writing‘ & ‘entrepreneurship‘ have in common?

You may be wondering, ”What has writing got to do with entrepreneurship?”

And you may think, Yes, ”I am a writer but I do not have the skills to become a great entrepreneur or I wanna be an entrepreneur but I definitely do not possess awesome writing skills”.

What if I told you that there is only a thin line between these two creative endeavours.

And it’s quite straightforward – writing and entrepreneurship are based on Ideas.

With both, there’s limitless exploring & building on Ideas. As a writer, every single post, book, article, draft you make comes from an idea. It could be from something you’ve seen, heard, experienced or imagined.

Similarly, every entrepreneurial pursuit is born out of an idea – from an experience or lack of it – then turning it into a reality. But it’s one thing to generate ideas, it’s another to share them. That’s when such ideas take up meaning.

Through writing or a business venture, these ideas get shared far and wide across the globe and into many homes. Thousands go on to comfortably adapt such ideas as part of their lifestyle.

As such, writers and entrepreneurs are simply artists, since they create value from their ideas.

But wait! There’s more. They also have the following in common.

Entrepreneurship comes with a big vision, mission & accompanying goals which usually resonates with investors & customers alike. Similarly, the message contained in writing, along with lessons and knowledge usually appeals to an audience.

Such goals and messages that lead to success for both a writer and an entrepreneur comes from both passion & commitment to their art; as well as a high level of alignment to values such as faith, discipline & perseverance.

You may ask, isn’t every profession tied to that?

I would say not necessarily, since some professions are based on routines and following a set of rules unlike the creative factor embedded in writing & entrepreneurship. The resulting rewards are far beyond paid profits but rather about clarifying ideas, strengthening belief and values (social, emotional etc).

Although the challenges involved in both are unavoidable, such tension is required to attain a high level of distinction; that difference that makes a difference. And the result in form of products, profits and services can impact in astounding ways.

As a writer continues to innovate with different words and an entrepreneur with different ventures; they bring benefit, make changes and impact; all the while providing value.

Writers and entrepreneurs both share unique skills such as passion, resilience, innovation, learning and discovery among many other skills. All of these lay a good foundation for turning ideas from nothing into reality.

And building upon this foundation to become a source of goodness for others – through creating good content, services and products – to facilitate our worldly and hereafter goals.

”And whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. It is better and greater in reward.” (73:20)

If you are already on the writing or entrepreneurial path, have a creative day!

Now, it’s your turn. Did I miss out on anything? What else does writing and entrepreneurship have in common. Do share in the comments below…

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