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The Muslim Youth’s Bucket List


The Muslim Youth’s Bucket List


There are many things you can achieve before old age. And just as a Prophetic narration relates, you should take benefit of your ‘youth before old age’.

Make your experiences such that they bring benefit to you in this world and ultimately, in the hereafter. And also bring benefit to others – from your friends to loved ones and the community.

Since Islam is a complete way of life, you can submit to Allah through all areas of your life. Remember not to transgress any limits. He is All-Seeing and All-Knowing.

Without much ado, here’s a bucket list with a twist; 79 things to accomplish before Old age.

Ready, steady, let’s go…


  • 1. Recite Qur’an with Tajweed
  • 2. Read Qur’an in Arabic
  • 3. Memorise the Qur’an
  • 4. Call someone to Islam
  • 5. Read translation of the Qur’an in a language you understand
  • 6. Teach someone the Qur’an
  • 7. Revive a sunnah


  • 8. Learn Arabic Language
  • 9. Study Hadith books
  • 10. Study Islamic history
  • 11. Study books about Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu alayhi wasslam’s life
  • 12. Learn about the lives of the companions
  • 13. Learn about the Mothers of the believers
  • 14. Build a library with invaluable reference books related to your goals


  • 15. Perform Hajj
  • 16. Go on Umrah
  • 17. Buy a globe and journey round the world with it, if you can’t travel
  • 18. Learn greetings in different languages
  • 19. Cook a dish from a different culture


  • 20. Teach your parents a new skill you are an expert at eg. computer skills
  • 21. Marry a pious and compatible Muslim
  • 22. Build a home with Islamic manners and peaceful atmosphere
  • 23. Host a halaal evening at home or out
  • 24. Visit your neighbours
  • 25. Share a meal or gift with your neighbours
  • 26. Draw your family tree (include several generations)
  • 27. Have a conversation with a child or engage fully in his/her playtime
  • 28. Say ‘Thank you’ genuinely to someone
  • 29. Read to a child
  • 30. Mentor someone
  • 31. SMILE (before your teeth falls out)


  • 32. Contribute to a well project
  • 33. Plant a tree
  • 34. Visit the sick/ hospitals
  • 35. Visit the prisons or write letters to the prisoners
  • 36. Volunteer – work for no pay – for a cause you are passionate about
  • 37. Organise a fundraiser
  • 38. Start a charity
  • 39. Leave a valuable contribution in your area of knowledge or expertise

Sports, Fitness & Entertainment

  • 40. Learn a sport
  • 41. Learn a self defence technique
  • 42. Ride a bicycle
  • 43. Ride a camel or horse
  • 44. Participate in a marathon
  • 45. Learn to swim
  • 46. Go on a fast ride
  • 47. Run a race
  • 48. Ride a speed boat
  • 49. Play a puzzle/ board game
  • 50.Take a helicopter ride


  • 51. Invent your own recipe for a favourite dish
  • 52. Use a journal for reflective writing or noting down ideas
  • 53. Write & post a letter
  • 54. Solve the Rubik’s cube
  • 55. Sketch, read or write at the park/ garden
  • 56. Discover your passion in life


  • 57. Go on a desert safari
  • 58. Pray in open nature
  • 59. Organise a picnic
  • 60.Take a hike
  • 61. Go on a boat ride
  • 62. Walk barefoot on a safe beach [at night]
  • 63. Watch the sun rise
  • 64. Watch the sun set
  • 65. Visit a waterfall
  • 66. Grow a flower, vegetable or fruit

Personal Development

  • 67. Read a book to completion
  • 68. Write a book review
  • 69. Watch a documentary
  • 70. Deliver a speech/ lecture/ talk/ presentation
  • 71. Exchange ideas with a mentor or role model
  • 72. Visit a library
  • 73. Visit a bookshop
  • 74. Buy a book other than a textbook
  • 75. Lead a team/project
  • 76. Start a business
  • 77. Become debt-free
  • 78. Learn from your mistakes
  • 79. Write out your goals

Each day brings with it opportunities.

But not all opportunities are meant to last your lifetime. Sometimes, they are only there long enough for you to learn & extract the lessons within – enjoyable or not.

Such are the lessons you get from seeking knowledge, travelling, socialising and carrying out your day to day activities.

Whatever you do, aim for excellence with your actions and remember that you can turn everything you do into worship beginning with the right intention. And then spend time doing that which will bring you closer to Allah, the Almighty.

Invest wisely in your youthly days and nights.


You are nothing but a number of days; Whenever each day passes then part of you has gone”.


Over to you now, what else can you add to the list? What do you want to accomplish before old age? Comment below…

Photo Credit: daniel_jurena via flickr


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