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Starting TODAY, you can empower yourself and our ummah if you follow this calling.

True or false?

There are times when you fancy a little bit of extra boost, amidst the daily challenges that come your way.

Allow me to introduce ‘‘The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto’‘ – a part poetic, super cool empowerment guide for Muslim youth (and youthful Muslims). It is visually appealing, reader friendly and easy to digest – no fluff!

SMY manifesto ecover mockup with fruits

It’s just like having the warm reassuring support and presence of a trusted friend or mentor by your side, only without the typical good natured chit-chat, banter and small talk.

Nicely packaged in an accessible format, this a friend you can visit again and again – as you navigate through the crossroads of life.

Your companion ~ The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto ~ is just within reach on your favourite device, and available 24/7.

SMY manifesto ecover mockups

You are in for a unique learning experience and morale boosting session. So, get ready to better yourself and our Ummah.

Its just the calling you need to start utilising your zeal, energy and intellect before old age comes knocking.

What’s inside the manifesto:

– Reader friendly content
– Cool and vibrant graphics
– Interactive D-I-Y checklists
– Quotes from Qur’an and Sunnah
– Part poetic, inspirational and actionable text
– 11 life rules for self and social empowerment


Read sample


SMY manifesto ecover mockup on laptop

What readers are saying

As far as manifestos go, the Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto is one of a kind. It’s not full of the bold promises that never materialise in manifestos devised by political parties. Nor is it full of exaggerated claims and boastfulness found in manifestos of large organisations and companies. Rather it has within it gems from the Qur’an and Sunnah and practical tips to help navigate the personal and social spheres of our lives. Continue reading. (Islamopedia, UK)


Wow I just read it in one go because I couldn’t stop! MashaAllah bravo!!! It’s just fantastic, bless you. We all keep saying how very proud of you we are and how happy we are that Allah gave you such a beautiful gift and inspired you to use it in such a beautiful way to strengthen our Ummah In Sha Allah! (Hauwa. Barrister ~ London, UK)

Get your smart copy (pdf) today!

Also available in paperback (blurb)

The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto
The Savvy Musl…
11 Life Rules to Li…
By Amina Edota
Photo book

For the ‘youth in you’ or for the ‘youth in your life’.

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