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Life Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 1)


Life Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 1)


”Although many people have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak in them, too many fall into the category of ‘normal’ people. Normal people often accept societal norms and primarily live a world of what is. They allow the world around them to dictate what normal is and what it is not”.

(Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs)

Ever heard of a Serial Entrepreneur?

Or, have you even imagined becoming one?

Well, that was one of my goals when I received a kindle copy of the book – ‘Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs’ by Br. Derrick S. Jones.

And what I got out of it was more than just business lessons. The life lessons were equally striking and fully actionable.

Did I make a transition into becoming a Serial Entrepreneur… Errm, I will get back to you on that one later.

Before I share some of the profound life lessons, I will give you a brief walk-through of the gems contained in the book. Let’s go…

The Entrepreneurial Stages

Just like the different stages in life, the phases of the entrepreneurial process as described by the Author, carries different experiences and requires different approach/mind set for positive outcomes.

1. The Entrance. Defined by the author as the first step towards the realization of a dream and the place where every wannabe Richard Branson flocks. It is typically characterized by confusion & chaos.

This brings to my mind the picture of the teen years. Do you remember yours?

Every teen goes through a circle of changes. Whether it has to do studies, family situations or belief. Or the unending dreams and goals. The changes may be difficult and often bring with it confusion. It is a big step towards adulthood, realization of dreams & finding your path in life.

2. The Lobby. Described as the centre of attention with support & encouragement from family and friends. The author advices beginning entrepreneurs to exhibit extreme caution with over confidence & NOT stop here to celebrate.

He also encourages using energy and enthusiasm to build buzz and interest within the market; As well as spend time networking with the right types of people.

A vivid sense of life as a youth is captured here. This is where you begin a career, build a home, business, etc. Faced with numerous choices, you steadily build your confidence and learn to utilize opportunities to network with the right kind of people.

For the Muslim youth, you do NOT stop here to chill & celebrate worldly success – you carry on strongly and with focus on the everlasting success. Your goal should be to utilize this stage fully before old age comes calling.

3. The Gauntlet. Described as an entrepreneur’s equivalent of boot camp with survival requiring deliberate and sustained effort. The author prescribed that you should surround yourself with success driven people; And maintain good & positive relationships with clients.

Let’s talk about the 40s – the bridge between youth and old age – and therefore requiring focus & the best of company. Prophet Muhammad, Sal Allahu alayhi wassalam, started to receive revelation at 40 years of age. That gives a lot to ponder upon, doesn’t it?

Forty years of age is typically marked by intellectual, mental and emotional maturity. And just as one will require successful mentors, so will s/he be required to be one to the younger generation.

4. The Players Lounge. Here, he described a Player as a participant; ”One actively involved in a competitive process [Entrepreneurs who have mastered the game of entrepreneurship]”.

He explains that it is stage where ”authenticity is required for a transition from specialist to entrepreneur – a make or break point where the entrepreneur must decide between growth & stagnation/regression”.

No guessing is required here. What I see is a stage that clearly resembles the older years (65+) in life – a period of wisdom, experience & mastery. It is an opportunity for growth and active devotion, while competing for that ultimate success.

Do you agree that our vision for what we want those years to encompass, should be a part of our goals from today? So think ahead while you make your goals today.

Which of the above stages can you relate to now, in life and on your entrepreneurial journey? Which of the experiences have been life-changing? Share below…

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