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11 Ways to Jump Start your Self Development in 2016

Personal Growth

11 Ways to Jump Start your Self Development in 2016


Do you want to become your best in life?

Self development is the key.

When you jump start your self development, you will be on the first important lap to becoming your best.

It is the unique path that leads to thriving and achieving your highest potential in life. It is also the gateway to self fulfilment and happiness.

Whatever your situation, you can jump start a new journey today.

I’m not one to celebrate new year but I acknowledge how much the calendar affects our daily lives and plans within. I choose to use this opportunity (a new year) to call to much needed changes.

Below are ideas you can use to jump start your self development journey in 2016.

Yesopportunities come and go. But don’t let this one pass you by – just like that. It can signify a meaningful start for the positive changes you desire the most in your life right now. Even that one you are secretly nursing in your heart – that only you know about.

”… And that one’s resolve be high such that one is not content with a small amount when one could have done a great deal…” (Imam Nawaawi)

1. Make a great resolve to boost your spirituality.

You can do this by aligning with your true fitrah – mind, body and soul.

And seek a stronger connection with Allah (swt).

Make a pure, purposeful and powerful intention that will reawaken your mental and spiritual state, and help you determine an immediate course of action. With a firm resolve, you are one bold step into your self development journey.

2. Join a community or support group.

Find a group of people who share your values, passion and your creative mind set. They may have similar goals or vision as you do.

It could be a group for freelancers, bloggers, writers or entrepreneurs.

Search Facebook, your neighbourhood or simply ask Professor Google.

3. Take a course on the Prophet’s life (saw).

There is a clear link found between positive psychology and the sunnah. So if you want a positive life of growth and empowerment in 2016, the time is right to immerse yourself in learning the seerah of Rasulullah (saw) and his sunnah.

Search for qualitative online courses, websites, posts, books and classes at centres close to you.

And you can release the true Islamic personality in you.

4. Write out your personal vision statement.

From this statement, write your top 3 [Jannah linked] goals.

Simply reflect on your future 7-10 years from now insha Allah. Embrace the possibilities of having your ideal life. Where do you see yourself, with who, doing what and living where?

Write, write, and write. And from this you can set your top 3 goals for 2016.

5. Reconcile and renew ties with your loved ones.

When a small window of opportunity opened up for me to travel a few days ago, I took it up eagerly. This meant disrupting my schedule online and offline in addition to other inconveniences.

But the greater good of rekindling kinship ties boosted my commitment to the trip. I decided to embrace the opportunity and here I am, refreshed and renewed and happy to have caught up with loved ones. The physical bonding was much more than what Skype, chats and emails could offer.

If you can’t travel; call, send an sms or chat and most importantly make du’a for your loved ones.

6. Get a mentor.

Gift yourself with someone who will push you out of your confort zone, hold you to account and support you as you work towards your top goals.

Invest your time, energy and more to building a mutually beneficial relationship.

7. Make a social impact.

Volunteer or contribute to a meaningful cause in our Ummah. Touch a life by doing something life changing for someone.

Be like the date tree.

Not only will others benefit and the Ummah grow, you will also grow and benefit in many ways.

8. Create a learning agenda.

It could be a reading list, hifz (Qur’an memorisation) schedule or speaking/ presentation practice. Make sure it is related to something you are super excited about achieving in 2016.

9. Take a digital fast.

Today’s technology is without doubt a first-stop for the best self development tools in the world today. Yet, it is can be addictive and destructive.

As its popularly said, too much of everything is too bad. And too much of technology is definitely a no-no.

When I took my short impromptu trip, I had limited time for checking updates, mails and browsing sites. I decided to use the opportunity to take a digital fast and its been so worth it.

Get off the Internet high so you can rest, relax and reflect.

10. Start a positivity journal.

Boost your sense of purpose and productivity by becoming a positivity master.

Have hope Allah’s mercy and blessings; in the everlasting life and it’s rewards; in the rewards for fighting your nafs; and ultimately do not get distracted with this temporal life.

”Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion, adornment and boasting to one another, competition in increase of wealth and children…” (Qur’an 57:20)

You can change the status quo by focusing more on the positives and decreasing the negatives.

11. Write out a personal CV focusing on your strengths, interests, experiences, skills and other accomplishments.

Decide on one small positive change, beginning with a positive mind-set.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Be patient and purposeful.

Be a shining star.

Start small. Act now. Shine on!


There you go.

11 ways to jump start your self development in 2016 and beyond.

Pick one or more and shine brightly.

What will do today to jump start your own unique self growth and development?


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  1. Aishah January 12, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this post!!

    1. Amina Edota January 13, 2016

      Thank you for reading and commenting Aishah.

  2. Umm Asiya January 4, 2016

    Mashaa allaah, great tips. There are many things you can use these tips for whether self development or trying to achieve a goal.

    1. Amina Edota January 4, 2016

      Yup, you are absolutely right Umm Asiya.

  3. Umme Hafsa January 3, 2016

    Great tips MashaAllah. I want to give the learning agenda a go – I can’t get enough of reading 🙂

    1. Amina Edota January 4, 2016

      Me too… Can’t get enough of reading. Hope I can stay on top of my reading as I did in 2015 and smash my reading goal this year.

  4. Foz January 3, 2016

    Some great advice…have been thinking to take an online Islamic course.

    1. Amina Edota January 4, 2016

      I hope you can give it a go. And would love to hear how it goes…

  5. Kai January 2, 2016

    i love everything you wrote here. i am starting a positivity journal and my goal is to learn at least 5 ayahs per month this year. <3

    1. Amina Edota January 2, 2016

      Put a start date to it and you are good to go.

      Insha Allah it will be a rewarding journey…

  6. hafsa waseela December 31, 2015

    <3 Thank you for writing a much needed topic #selfdevelopment


    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope to see you around more.

  7. Myda Tahir December 31, 2015

    jazakAllah amina,
    Will take a print out of it and act accrdingly.

    Eat Healthy Stay Healthy 🙂

    Myda Tahir

    1. Amina Edota January 1, 2016

      Wa iyyak dear Myda…

      In sha Allah it benefits you greatly.

  8. Sara December 31, 2015

    Great practical ideas. I especially like the one about the digital fast because social media can take up so much of ones time these days.

    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      True… social media can such a time waster as much as we derive great benefit from it.

      I always look forward to taking my regular *fasts*.

  9. Auwalmubarak December 31, 2015

    Assalamu Alaikum jazakillahu khairan ya ukhtee.May Allah increase your taqwa!

    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      Wa alaykum salaam brother. Amin to your duas.

  10. Halimah December 31, 2015

    Barak Allahu feeki Amina! This list is so practical, I love it! May Allah Al Hafeeth, continue to preserve us all in patient perseverance in the coming new year aameen Allahumma aameen

    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      Amin ya rabb dear Halimah.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  11. Sadman Sakif December 31, 2015

    Jazakullah Khair for the very helpful article.The tips offered here are crucial for achieving success,both in this life and in the hereafter.Looking forward for the next article inshallah!

    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      Wa iyyak.

      Yes indeed you are right – they are crucial for success in both worlds insha Allah.

      Keep reading and look forward to your thoughtful comments.

  12. aussiepursuit December 31, 2015

    Thank you for this. I have forwarded it to my youth brother, I hope he can benefit from it insha Allah 🙂

    1. Amina Edota December 31, 2015

      Jazaak Allah you for the forward. Insha Allah he benefits from it.

  13. Ummbilal December 30, 2015

    A candle loses nothing by lighting another…jazakillahu khayr. All valid points.

    1. Amina Edota December 30, 2015

      Wa iyyaki.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  14. Papatia Feauxzar December 30, 2015

    I agree with all the points. I really need to finish #8 as it has been one of my goals for the longest time. Thank you for putting that goal back into focus for me again masha’Allah!

    1. Amina Edota December 30, 2015

      Masha Allah. Give it a jump start and keep it going Papatia. I wish you great focus and success with your learning.

  15. Zara December 29, 2015

    Masha’Allah great post. Thanks for sharing

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