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Inspirational Quotes on Virtues of Books


Inspirational Quotes on Virtues of Books


A book is a gift.

Holding many surprises; from those that sharpen the intellect, purify the soul, nourish the heart and those that direct towards the fitrah.

A great book is an excellent companion.

Serving as a learning channel, which opens up new cultures and stimulates creativity.

Iqra’, which can be translated as ‘read‘ or ‘recite‘ was the first word of the Qur’an revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Recite in the name of your Lord who created…
(Qur’an 96:1)

Books are without doubt an important part of our Islamic heritage & lifestyle. If you have some beneficial books, cherish and utilise them. If you don’t have a book collection yet, make it a goal this year to build a mini-personal library.

Borrowing from a local library is another option, or exchanging with friends from their own collections. That will depend on the book categories you are interested in.

The virtues of books are many.

Here are 5 inspirational quotes on virtues of books, to move you to creating a new book collection or growing an existing one.

Read on…


”Al-Muhallab advised his son, saying: ‘O son, do not linger in the marketplace except at the place of the maker of armour or the book vendor.”

– Abu ‘Ubaydah


”If I feel drowsy when it is time to sleep – and wasteful is the sleep that exceeds one’s needs – I take up a book from the books of wisdom and I find bliss in coming across a pearl and rapture when I find something interesting. The state of my heart when I am happily engaged in reading and learning keeps me awake more than does the braying of the donkey or the shrill noise of something breaking.”

– Ibn al-Jahm


”Forty years have passed, and I have not dozed off in the day or at night nor have I lied down except that a book was resting on my chest.”

– Al-Hasan al-Lulu’ee


”If I find a book to be agreeable and enjoyable, and if I deem it to be beneficial, you will see me hour after hour checking how many pages were left, from fear of being close to the end. And if it is many volumes with a great number of pages, my life is complete, my happiness total.”

– Ibn al-Jahm


[This is] a Book revealed to you, [O Muhammad] – so let there not be in your breast distress therefrom – that you may warn thereby and as a reminder to the believers.

– (Qur’an 7:2)

Ready for an Experience?

Are you ready for books in your life?

You can never have too much of them. As long as you make your collection a beneficial one – moving you closer to your worldly and hereafter goals.

Give yourself a book gift today.

Or better yet, write the book you desperately need to read.

{Above quotes extracted from the book, ‘Don’t be Sad’ by ‘Aaidh Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Qarni} (International Islamic Publishing House – IIPH)

Which of the quotes above do you find most inspirational. And what other quotes can you add on? Please share below…

photo credit: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam_04 via photopin (license)


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  1. Akinde Hafiz March 3, 2015

    This is a rare post at this period of our existence where, apart from academic books, most books especially those in the religious genre have become endangered species in our libraries.

    Some beneficial books of the past cannot be reproduced today simply because nobody will read them. But here’s an effort geared towards rebuilding the spirit of reading.

    It is highly commendable; may Allah reward you immensely.

    The part is like is fron the words of Ibn al Jahm where he says: “And if it is many volumes with a great number of pages, my life is complete, my happiness total.”

    1. Amina Edota March 8, 2015

      Sad but true, books are an endangered species in our Ummah… we need to revive that spirit of reading and writing to suit our age and time.

      Jazaakallah for your thoughts.

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