Honour your Parents Pop Quiz

Honour your Parents Pop Quiz

When you think about your parents, what word or emotion comes to your mind?








Here’s a short quiz to remind you about how your relationship should be with your parents as a Muslim.

Rules for Honour your Parents Pop Quiz

1. Complete the quiz before consulting Professor Google.

2. Share real examples from your own life or from those you know.

3. Write your answers in the comment box [all questions are compulsory].

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This quiz is just a quick teaser to refresh your memory.

If you have read this post on what Quran and sunnah say about parents, then you do not have to jog your memory too hard.

If you haven’t, no worries. Complete the quiz first, then return to the post to learn more.

Over to youcomplete the honour your parents pop quiz below.


  1. UM Abidah says:

    Assalamu alaykum quite interesting .May Allah accept it and make it easy for us to honour them

  2. Yes, it is most definitely important to honor our parents. And of course, as the sunnah recommends, the mother comes first. Honoring our parents means giving them the first priority, understanding their needs, and respecting their wishes.

  3. Yes.

    Mother…isnt she mentioned 3 times before the father?

    1) Treat them with kindness even if they are unfair to you
    2) Look after them in their old age
    3) Be as good a muslim as you can

  4. Asalamoalikum,
    1. YES

    2. Both are at the same position , both of them are precious. Don’t want to lose any of them.

    3. a) honour their words, sayings and their commands.
    b)Smile at them does whatever makes them Happy.
    c)Try to be Sadqe Jariya for them

    Remember in Prayers, JaakAllah for the quiz.

    • Amina Edota says:

      Wa iyyaki, I appreciate the response.

      Subhanallah, that is so amazing and from Allah’s Mercy that the older we get and more independent of our parents – we don’t want to lose them.

  5. This is such a lovely post masha’Allah!
    1 – Most definitely!
    2 – Your mother
    3 – a) Remembering them in your prayers and constantly making dua’a for them or giving in charity on their behalf, b) Making time for them, despite our busy and hectic lives and ensuring we do things with them that they enjoy, c) Being mindful of how much they have done for you and expressing gratitude at every opportunity.

    • Amina Edota says:

      Jazaakillah khayr for your beneficial responses. It is hard but we have to make time for them just as they did for us when we were young, helpless and under their care. And yes, dua’a is very important.

  6. 1) As a muslim the person who is the most worthy of your kindness is our mother adn then your father (answers the second question as well)
    3) By obeying them
    Being patient when they are angry
    Looking after them

  7. That’s a really very interesting quiz.

  8. I’d say this is a pretty engaging idea…gets people to read the post thoroughly and benefit from what the Quran and Sunnah have to say about parents. I had learnt all this during school days and i Think it would be a good idea to refresh those lessons. will read the other post inshallah

  9. Such an important message this post shows. May Allah help us to always be good to our parents

  10. Love this pop quiz especially question 3..if we don’t know the answer to that…we really need to reexamine our relationship with out parents and how better to treat them with utmost respect! Great read!

  11. 1. Yes!!!!!! It is the most rewarding feeling the world to honor your parents. Not only do you feel your heart at ease just seeing them smile or feel proud of you or the situation that you honored them with, your worldly life goes so much further and the most important one of all you gain so much reward and blessing for the hereafter! They work so hard, they try their best to raise us to be better, to have good things and achieve so much, they to did not receive a ‘manual’ on how to raise us so yes mistakes are bound to be made and insha-Allah Allah will guide the and guide us, but we have to honor our parents.

    2. Hehe this is a tough one..hmm I think both parents are on the same ranking level in my eyes but for different purposes if that makes sense :p I do think we tend to rank mum a bit more because we have more of a bond with her than we do with our dad. I love both my parents so much and they rank the same for me just in different areas 😛

    3. * Be the best person and Muslim you can be, keep trying to better yourself and your faith and in that way your parent’s will be honored.
    * Pray for them and donate money, food, clothes, water, anything to the poor in their name. This is rewards they will have in the hereafter.
    *Treat them with love and respect, smile at them, make them laugh, be there for them as they get old, protect them, support them and keep them happy.

    (www.beautywithzainy and Thank you for sharing this cute pop quiz ..really enjoyed it 🙂

    • Amina Edota says:

      Thank you for ***sticking to the rules*** – its a hard thing to do in this age of distraction.

      I enjoyed reading your responses, I can feel the love you have for your parents. Masha Allah… May Allah accept from you and preserve them both. And join you all in Jannah al-firdaus.

      Read the old post linked to for a clearer explanation to number 2 insha Allah.

  12. A great post indeed. Parents do so much for us, actually everything they can do! Such a blessing from Allah.

  13. The combination of the two post is great. I did the quiz before reading the second and Alhamdulillah I am dealing according to the Sunnah. But what if the family is not in good order? In our changing world there are so many reasons why families break apart. If a father or mother decides to abandon the kids, it is hard for them to honour father or mother later. Just an idea for the future- maybe you could later provide also a post about this issue? I think it would be as helpful as this one. Thank you for the inspiration you provide here, sister!

    • Amina Edota says:

      I’m glad you took out time to read both posts.

      Thank you for the suggestion, I will work on that insha Allah. It is a sad reality happening around us today. May Allah guide us aright and make us the best of Ummahs.

  14. A very important and beneficial post esp the link of another post you shared. May our parents and Allah be always Pleased with us . Aameen.

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