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[Game Chang.er]: 30 Questions (You Must Answer) to Move You Towards a More Spiritually Conscious & Rewarding Ramadan

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[Game Chang.er]: 30 Questions (You Must Answer) to Move You Towards a More Spiritually Conscious & Rewarding Ramadan


Wondering about Ramadan?

You know it is a month of opportunities.

But you are not sure how to tap fully into it.

There are so many commitments to juggle. Your career, worship, family & studies give you enough to think about already.

Game Chang.er carries 30 questions covering personal issues, reflections & important decisions that the Muslim Youth will need to address in order to experience a more spiritually conscious & rewarding Ramadan… In Sha Allah.

You should some set out quality time out to answer these questions. And you should be able to answer them with sincerity, *honesty* & confidence.

If you feel you do not know the answers or unclear or simply harbour fears from within, it is important to take time to find out the right answers as soon as possible by mentally breaking free from your ‘comfort zone’.

Otherwise you could make mistakes or perform your fasting in error and negligence, getting only little from the bountiful opportunities and rewards.

You will be wasting away your Ramadan – in mediocrity & randomness – a chance that comes once every year ONLY.

When Ramadan arrives, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of hell are locked up and satans are put in chains
(Bukhari and Muslim)

So set time to reflect, discuss with trusted others and make Dua to gain more clarity on your affairs.

Once you have answered the questions, review and reflect upon your responses. Then make a commitment to starting your Ramadan right by reflecting on the ‘why’, then plan ahead while balancing priorities towards your goals.

Below are the questions. Open a new word document or app for writing down your answers or use good ol’ paper and pen.

Remember that Ramadan is too important to be just another annual routine activity in your life. Commit yourself to answering with sincere intention & honest responses; with a goal of having a most rewarding Ramadan ahead and change of lifestyle afterwards.

Change your Ramadan for REAL with Game Chang.er.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: He who observes the fast during Ramadan out of sincerity of faith and in hope of earning merit will have his past sins forgiven him.
(Bukhari & Muslim)


1. What do you want to achieve from engaging in a whole month of fasting?

2. What word/picture immediately come to mind when you think about ‘Ramadan‘?

3. What other terms/ phrases do you use to describe Ramadan to others? List 6 of such words, phrases and terms.

4. Do you have any Ramadan goals; what you want to start, stop, guard or achieve?

I. Start?
II. Stop?
III. Guard?
IV. Achieve?

5. What do you think are some of the benefits of Ramadan to you?

i. Physically  ………………………………….
ii Psychologically ……………………………
iii. Socially  …………………………………..
iv. Morally  ……………………………………
v. Emotionally ……………………………….
vi. Financially  ……………………………….
vii. Spiritually  ……………………………….

6. Which special habits, skills & abilities are you willing to utilise to help you derive all of the above benefits in Ramadan?

Habits  ………………………………………..
Skills  ………………………………………..
Abilities ………………………………………

7. Describe your ideal Ramadan day?

8. What are the most important activities you will be engaging in, from morning to night during Ramadan?

Morning (Activity)  Time & Duration
——————– ——————-
——————– ——————-
——————— ——————

——————— ——————
——————— ——————
——————— ——————
———————- —————–
———————- —————–
———————- —————–

———————-  —————-
———————- —————–
———————- —————–
———————- —————–

9. List at least 3 important people (from among loved ones & friends) who can support your daily activities above in order to achieve your Ramadan goals.

10. Do you have limiting beliefs/fears that make you feel you might not be able to achieve your goals in Ramadan? What are they?

11. Identify the factors that you feel could negatively impact your efforts in Ramadan such as self, family, work environment, society.

12. Identify which habits you need to eliminate, abandon or reduce to free up your time for more beneficial acts.

– Eliminate —————————–
– Abandon ——————————-
– Reduce ——————————–

13. What Sunnah act(s) can you pick up during Ramadan with the intention of continuing with after Ramadan eg using Miswak (tooth-stick) before each ablution?

14. Which daily act of charity can you start in your home or neighbourhood?

15. What secret activity can engage in, just between you and Allah (swt)?

16. How will you use technology (tv, smart phones etc) to enhance the quality of your worship during Ramadan?

17. How will you describe your internet use; low, average, or heavy usage? Does it reduce, increase or remain the same during Ramadan?

18. How much time to do you intend to spend on social networking sites? What, in particular will you be doing while on those networking sites?

19.What state will you like your heart to be in, during and after the month of fasting?

20. Think of at least one thing you can start immediately to boost your anticipation for Ramadan & it’s blessings? (eg. Reading books on Fasting, Ramadan online course, Journaling).

21. How would write your perfect Ramadan story?

22. Identify at least 3 personal issues you struggle with the most during Ramadan eg. waking up for morning meal, sleeping at work/school, fighting against your nafs & its desires.

23. Look closely at the above issues, list all possible causes and possible tools/ options you can use to overcome them.

24. What are your 3 greatest weaknesses, obstacles or challenges in Ramadan? From unsuitable work environment to preparations for exams, to feelings of isolation, addiction etc?

25. What can you put in place to reduce, eliminate or respond to the worst possible things that could happen to affect your plans? Can you spend more time at the Masjid and even have your iftaar with the Muslims from the community? Or can you take time off work especially in the last ten days? Do whatever is possible to plan ahead for a hassle free personal time.

26. What are the 3 areas of greatest opportunities for the upcoming Ramadan based on present happenings in your life? How can you plan and take advantage of these opportunities from today in terms of time and resource allocation? Are you able to teach someone the Qur’an or about Islam, help your parents, give dawah etc.

27. What one change can you make today to prepare you ahead for your Ramadan goals? Eg read Qur’an daily for 10/15 minutes after Fajr prayer.

28. What changes will you like to happen the most in your life right now? What investments are you willing to make to turn those changes into a permanent and successful reality?

Time  ———————————
Money  ——————————–
People ——————————–
Learning ——————————

29. What Duas will you prioritise during Ramadan and continue to request for its acceptance months after Ramadan to help with those changes?

30. What is your resolve henceforth?


31. How will you rate your commitment level on a scale of 1-10; towards a more spiritually conscious Ramadan.

(1 = Very low/ Negative feeling of commitment and 10 = Feeling highly [100%] committed to a highly spiritually conscious Ramadan)


Now you have gone through the above questions, how do you feel?

The purpose of the questions is to make you reflect, plan and take ACTION in Ramadan, towards effecting a permanent CHANGE in your life.

Changes that will increase you in Taqwa, closeness to Allah, high eeman and resolve to do good. And ultimately earn Paradise & Allah’s pleasure.

Of what benefit will all of your answers be if you don’t take action?

No Action.

No Change

Take a simple action before Ramadan dawns fully upon you.

But first, answer all of the questions.

Have you?


Which of the questions resonated with your personal situation the most?

photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc


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