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Friendship in Islam Quiz: 15 Questions to Help You Build Rewarding Relationships

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Friendship in Islam Quiz: 15 Questions to Help You Build Rewarding Relationships


Have you ever read about the story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he was escaping from Makkah with his friend, Abu Bakr (RA)?

Abu Bakr (RA) was in the cave with his friend – Rasulullah (SAW) and felt afraid, and mentioned it to him (SAW).

How did the prophet (SAW) react to this?

He comforted his friend saying, ”Do not fear, certainly Allah is with us”. This gave his friend inner calm and relief and strengthened the bond between them.

Friendship in Islam is a blessed bondit can either make you or break you.

Today, technology has made our world smaller and hyper connected. Yet, building genuine and rewarding friendships  now requires greater effort.

No doubt, we are social beings and thrive on relationships of different kinds. It is important to remember that the right friendship can lead you to paradise while the wrong one can ruin your life in both worlds.

”Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous.” (Az-Zukhruf 43: 67)

Its time to check your friendships whether online or offline.

And decide for yourself if they are worth your time and effort. And more importantly, will they be worth it on the day of resurrection? And not a source of great regret and pain?

Below is a simple Friendship in Islam quiz.

Simply answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to review your friendship status. Is it a rewarding, long lasting type bound for beyond this temporal life?

Answer on…

1. Does your friendship impact on you positively?
2. Do you look forward to spending time together?
3. Are you pleased with your friend’s religion?
4. Do you exchange gifts?
5. Do you encourage and compete with each other in doing good deeds?

6. Do you visit each other or call to find out how s/he is doing?
7. Do you protect his/ her honour when you are not together?
8. Do you feel good being in your friend’s company?
9. Are you genuinely concerned for your friend’s hereafter?
10. Is your character improving from the time you spend together?

11. Will you be pleased to call him/her your friend on the day of resurrection?
12. Do you love your friend for the sake of Allah (SWT)?
13. Each time you meet, do you gain something beneficial from each other such as sincere advice?
14. Do you make du’a for your friend [for success in both worlds] and encourage him/her to do the same?
15. Do you make an effort to plan some halaal fun together e.g., over the weekends, holidays or eid celebrations?

If you’ve answered all or mostly ‘yes’, you are on the right path towards building a long lasting true friendship in Islam.

If otherwise, there’s no better time than now to start working on your friendships.

Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, ”The example of a good companion (who sits with you) in comparison with a bad one, is like that of the musk seller and the blacksmith’s bellows (or furnace); from the first you would either buy musk or enjoy its good smell while the bellows would either burn your clothes or your house, or you get a bad nasty smell thereof.” (Bukhari)

Now think, who do you call your friend?

And what type of friend are you?

Is your relationship based on true friendship in Islam? And are you content with things as they are?

Or is it time to review your friendship status and make changes? Please share below…



  1. Umm Johar April 5, 2016

    Salaam Sister. Masha’Allah this is an amazing post. It made me reflect on a couple of friendships I have right now. Subhan’Allah. I’m going to share this on my social feeds insha’Allah this is a really important post. At the end of the day, you are who your friends are and we all need to focus on our hereafter. Most of the time we get lost in distractions but alhamdulillah this is a great reminder. May Allah SWT bless you tremendously. Ameen

  2. Myda Tahir April 4, 2016

    jazakAllah sister Amina for the soul searching questions. well, most of my friends are colleagues but few of them are special enough to be called as friends when I was with them a chord of the heart strikes.
    Being a mom, I want my kids to be my best friends but this is very demanding and sometimes impossible.
    What’s your point?

    1. Amina Edota April 4, 2016

      Masha Allah, that is a very rewarding goal and I pray you are able to achieve it biithnillah.

      I’d say try to understand them in terms of their personality and temperament (just as our Rasul saw did), then relate to them in the most suitable way. Don’t treat all of your children the same – they all have their strengths and unique individualism that you need to understand and connect with.

      Also try to make out special time for them to do things one-on-one; and show you appreciate their opinions and advice. Make sure you provide them with opportunities to share their views.

      And make loads of dua of course ~ Allah is the one Who unites hearts as He is Able to turn them.

  3. Zainab Dokrat April 4, 2016

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 I’ve had many friendships fizzle out and in a way it was Allah saving me from bad company.

    1. Amina Edota April 4, 2016

      I can relate to such friendships. Its wise to think of it in that way so no regrets, just move on and ask Allah to replace them with better ones insha Allah..

  4. ayeina April 4, 2016

    I love this qiuz!

    1. Amina Edota April 4, 2016

      Masha Allah. Hope you’ve gone through it all!

  5. Fozia S April 3, 2016

    Masha’Allah great list. I would say I only have one muslim friend who I am truly close to… and I hadn’t thought of some of these questions….but alhamdulillah shes a great friend.

    Thanks for sharing and in sha Allah it will be of benefit to the muslim youth.

  6. Gemma Elizabeth April 3, 2016

    These questions have really got me wondering about the friendships in my life. Even though I have a lot of friends, perhaps only one or two are truly good relationships…friendships that will benefit us in this world and the next. Jzk for making me re-evaluate

    1. Amina Edota April 4, 2016

      Alhamdulillah… its good to always keep reviewing and re-evaluating our lives.

  7. Sainab April 3, 2016

    These are some great questions to think about. Loved this post!

    1. Amina Edota April 4, 2016

      Brilliant… Masha Allah.

  8. Maryam April 1, 2016

    My best friend is not Muslim, her name is Ashley. It’s been really hard to be friends with the muslims around me cause they’re waaay too judgmental. We might not call each other all the time but when we do it’s like we’ve never stopped talking. I love her for the sake Allah actually. even tho she’s christian 🙂

  9. Hina's world March 31, 2016

    You know something like this would have helped me in my teengae years and does need to be read by the youth of today.

  10. Kai | Lilpink March 31, 2016

    Ma sha Allah. I love the questions. Thank you for sharing.
    I can really say that my friendships are all in good standing when I answered these. <3

  11. Iman March 30, 2016

    This is a wonderful checklist masha’Allah – there’s a few things on there I hadn’t really considered and they have given me food for thought. I think the older we get and the more our priorities change and our lives change, some friendships seem to fade in the distance and we gain new ones alhamdullilah that are even more enriching.

    1. Amina Edota April 1, 2016

      Spot on… you are right Sr. Iman.

  12. Lubna Karim March 29, 2016

    I never evaluated friendship on questionnaires but thank you to my Allah SWT for blessing me righteous gift of wonderful friends…for being my extended family in a place away from home…

  13. Fatima March 29, 2016

    Friendship is so important. I now realize after being so many miles away from my best friends. I miss them so much but we never feel apart even when we are not in touch for a long time.

    I am totally content with the friendship I have with my friends. Really hope to see them soon.

    Fatima |

  14. Waseema Abdool Khader March 29, 2016

    These are questions really worth asking as friendships have a huge impact not only our lives but the lives of our kids and future generations. I loved that you chose the best friendship ever known as the benchmark! Brilliant read!

    1. Amina Edota March 29, 2016

      You are right, friendships impact us in more ways than we think.

      Subhan Allah! Imagine it affects even down to our future generations, that’s something worth thinking about.

  15. Rabia S. March 28, 2016

    Alhamdulillah my friendships today are based on the Islamic idea of friendship. I would love to see some friends more often but we all have a busy life. I noticed that some friendships from the past being not halal or not nourishing me in a sense of becoming a better Muslim faded out step by step. There were no fights or discussion. It just stopped to go on. I am very grateful for the sisters im my life.

    1. Amina Edota March 29, 2016

      I can so relate to that, and its best to let such friendships fizzle out as long as they are not truly nourishing our mind, body and soul as Muslims.

      Alhamdulillah, I’m equally thankful for the brilliant sisters I’ve met on the path of Islam – and even when life separates us, the love and warm feelings remain for the sake of Allah.

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