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Building a Writing Habit from Youthful Years


Building a Writing Habit from Youthful Years


I once found myself at a creative writing session with an interesting group of writers. There were seniors – one of whom had experienced the world war; middle aged professionals; self employed artists and young students.

Everyone had a similar mission – to improve their writing, build up on commitment level and eventually get published.

After listening to the group members and getting to know about their goals, I spied a window of opportunity for younger writers – the window of age.

Such an opportunity will not last forever, will it?

Can you imagine the ‘writing collection’ of each senior, had they kept up with the practice of writing consistently over the years?

Perhaps hundreds or even thousands, ready for an audience or just waiting to be polished for the readers?

Why write?

Writing is a great means of communication.

Through the words we write, we are able to connect with people on different levels. This is done by narrating stories, sharing experiences & opinions, exploring ideas and explaining concepts.

Writing is timeless and it has the potential to change lives.

Do you simply love to write?

Then, let me give you a few more reasons to keep doing so. If you do not write or feel lazy about doing it, let me give you a few reasons to kick-start your writing.

Your life will change when you become a writer.

The Writing Experience

Writing benefits the writer as much as it does the reader but let’s talk about the benefits for the writer. Below are a just a few, from the  many reasons why you need to build upon your experience from youth.

#1  Writing is a tool for Deep Thinking

‘Writing brings deeper insights’

When you write, you think about each word, sentence and paragraph you put down. It may come from a thought within, or from a prompt around. The more you write, the more you are able to think about new words or ideas, make connections & recycle them.

This helps to sharpen your thinking process & you can easily build a library of ideas through consistent writing or what I call an ‘Idea Bank’.

TIP: Write today, write tomorrow & get better practice at deepening your thinking mode.

#2 Writing is a tool for Learning/ Personal Development

‘Writing is a journey of discovery’

Writing is a like a tap that opens up a hidden pool of words & ideas. It leads to a bigger quest for knowledge and learning. The more you write, the more words you know and even greater is the desire to expand your vocabulary.

Writing, reading & research sync together well, and as a writer you need a regular dose of words for digestion. Whether it is from a reference book such as a thesaurus, fiction & non-fiction books or blog articles.

As you journey on with your writing, you make wider connections through your knowledge and experiences and gain greater awareness about other topic areas & life issues.

TIP: Practice, practice, practice to become a lifelong writer.

 #3 Writing is a tool for Dawah

‘Writing is a wake-up call’

Writing awakens emotions which are invoked in others through your words. And this allows you to connect with others at a personal level.

When you write with a purpose of calling others to Allah, The Almighty; that is dawah at your own level. Writing gives you an opportunity to share what you know.

When you share the message of Islam with the world, your words can wake them up to the reality of this temporary world and the everlasting world.. It can wake others up to beneficial knowledge, new ideas & rewarding experience for inspiration.

TIP: Start sharing your writing.

#4 Writing is a tool for making History

‘Writing makes words timeless’

Writing brings opportunities for capturing experiences for the future. You can capture your learning or spiritual journey over the years – and learn to appreciate the wealth of experience gained – as a means to remain humble and thankful.

Imagine the sheer volume of experience and knowledge of every youth captured in words of varying meanings and underlying lessons; available for others to access even after you are long gone.

We continue to pour over revealed text and the authentic books of knowledge written hundreds of years ago through the blessing of written words and dedication of the writers. What a reward!

TIP: Get a notepad for your writing; or use Evernote if you prefer typing.

Looking for Writing Inspiration?

Write about ~

1. Your Top 3 Goals for the year.

2. A lesson you can relate to, from one of the stories of the Qur’an.

3. An Inspirational leader.

To a New Beginning

If you have a thought, idea, knowledge or insight that the Ummah can benefit from, then by all means WRITE.

If you do not feel confident in sharing your words yet, still write. Simply get them out on a screen or book. You can save it up for later. Whatever you do, do not let today pass by without putting down something, one word at a time.

With continued perseverance, your writing quest will be rewarded with a bank of  ideas to build on and you will have put in many hours of practice.

Write some words of benefit today and sprinkle them all around, to settle in the sands of time.

What are you waiting for?

Do you have a an ‘idea bank’ or ‘collection’ of  your past writings? If you do, how do maintain your writing habit? If not, how do you plan on getting started on a ‘writing collection’?

Photo Credit: Adam. W via cc


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  1. Arta November 8, 2013

    As salamu alaykum,YouthlyHub

    Masha Allah I find your page so beneficial 🙂

    May Allah reward you all!

    I wanna ask you a question.

    How can we as muslim youth give dawah through internet ( social media) to muslims that don’t practice the religion?
    And first of all how can we do that with a pure intention? Cause sometimes i feel like givng dawah with wrong intentions( just to tell people that I have a better life than they do for ex.).

    1. Amina November 8, 2013

      Wa alaykum Salaam wr Arta,

      Thanks for stopping by. And Amin to your the duas.

      There are Dawah courses available that can equip you with the right techniques and also put you into a ‘Dawah mode’. Check out the IOU dawah course and if you have access to Al Maghrib courses, you must try out their ‘Fiqh of Dawah’. Iera offers online and offline trainings.You can also watch videos of Duat in action and learn from them. Remember to renew your intention all the time, as actions will be judged according to your intentions. And make a lot of dua.

      May Allah aid you in conveying the beautiful message of Islam with wisdom and kind words.

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