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Have You Ever Tried Writing for Change?


Have You Ever Tried Writing for Change?


What do you want to be remembered for?

What change do you want to bring about?

What timeless legacy will you like to leave behind?

These are just a few of the questions that may nag at you day-in, day-out.

You want to make a change, but you are not sure where to begin.

Writing could be your answer.

And not simply writing to ‘fill the page’, but ‘writing for change’.

What Writing Can do For You

– Writing helps to think & reflect deeply. As you string the words together – one after the next – you dig deep into the inner recesses of your mind for words, pictures, events, themes, places, names etc

– Writing helps to de-congest the mind. Rather then bank your ideas, thoughts and inspirations within you, why not deposit them in bite sized bits onto your journal, phone or post-it notes?

– Writing connects people. Through your words, you can build rapport & positive connections with others who share the same ideas, interests or believe in the same cause. You could be continents or generations apart, but your words can bridge the distance.

– Writing can change lives. And not just of the readers but yours – the writer as well. It is a means of self expression and good way of engaging in pure speech.

Are you Ready? The 3 Ingredients You Need.

And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort for eyes as reward for what they used to do.
[As- Sajdah 32, 17]

1. You need a worthy purpose.

Purposeful writing is intentional. It is focused. And it has a core message.

You could focus on educating – sharing your knowledge or experience; spreading positive ideas/message or simply motivating through tips, stories, lessons etc.

If you have an idea buried deep inside of you, then this is the time to finally act on it and bring it out. You want to share those ideas through your words.

You want to be a change agent.

Or don’t you?

No more delaying, putting things off, making excuses or feeling you are not good enough.

The time is now.

2. You need a strong passion.

What is driving you towards this cause or knowledge sharing position?

It could be that you want nothing more than to see others guided and to attain peace through engaging in correct worship.

You know Dawah facilitates this.

When you write and spread this message – the truth is spread and falsehood countered.

You should never underestimate the power of passionate purposeful writing, especially in calling others to the truth of Tawheed.

3. You need a pure intention.

A pure intention means you are doing it beyond popularity or need to be tagged among well known writers – the status thing.

Maybe you want to promote an initiative, bring about awareness or spread beneficial knowledge.

You want to spend your time, skills and health on something that reaps you rewards over and over again – to serve as investment for your hereafter and to gain Allah’s Pleasure.

It is purely for His sake only. Not based on a me-too intention.

You need to purify that intention at the beginning. And keep renewing it so it doesn’t get stained.

The Legacy of Writers Before You

The weakest ink is better than the strongest memory
[Chinese Proverb]

From the companions who participated in writing and compiling the first copy of the Qur’an, to the Great scholars among the Tabi’een and to present day educators and thought leaders – writing can be seen as a huge part of our Islamic heritage.

We are able to read the works of great people in various fields of knowledge – by way of writing. We read their books and benefit a lot.

But can you describe their physical features or the homes they lived in? And how much of wealth they left behind?

Most likely not.

Because their writing legacy is far superior.

From Ibn Sina to Al Ghazali.

Ibn Taymiyyah to Ibn Qayyim.

They were educators & reformers.

They were scholars, writers & change agents.

They wrote timeless pieces; earning them a well deserved legacy.

What is Your Excuse?

Work is hectic, too many commitments or you are just busy with things going on. You feel pulled apart in way too many directions.

None of these is good enough leaving off the opportunity to become a Change Agent.

Begin with a purpose.

Use a word or idea to get you started.

Fuel your purpose & creativity with a powerful passion.

Purify it with the best of intentions. And build your confidence with each word so you never feel lost again. That is what writing for change is all about.

A journey of creativity, that stretches you; as you think and grow in words.

Say yes to writing for change.

Grab your pen and notepad or click away on your laptop.

Say Bismillah!

…verily the one who guides (someone) to good is like the one who does it (in reward).
[Sahih At-Tirmidhi]

Becoming a Timeless Writer

There are two blessings which may people lose. (They are) Health and free time for doing good. [Bukhari]

Use your free time to write. But ensure you write for change. Because you will be asked about your time and knowledge and how you utilised them.

Do not remain paralysed in the dream of inspiring and motivating; be quick to act upon it by responding to the needs around you.

Explore your creativity. Write a thank you letter, do some journal writing, write a short story or a poem. Do a book review or interview a creative leader/entrepreneur local to you.

Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts and words.

Write with a purpose, passion and sincerity.

Write His words; His praises, favours, remembrance, knowledge and all you can…

And if whatever trees upon the earth were pens and the sea [was ink], replenished thereafter by seven [more] seas, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. [Luqmaan 31; 27]

Have you ever tried writing for change? What is stopping you?

photo credit: caribb via photopin cc


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