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Entrepreneurship Gems from ”The Google Story”

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Entrepreneurship Gems from ”The Google Story”


[From My Reading Desk] ~

Book Review of ”The Google Story” By David A. Vise


I never have a boring moment with my trio bunch! 3 young people who find pleasure in challenging me with all kinds of questions.

When my mental battery runs low, I usually say to them – Ask professor Google!

But can you imagine what they always reply to the kind suggestion?

I leave you to guess.

Google has very much become a part of life for those who spend a significant time online.

And who doesn’t these days?

Initially a search engine, it has grown beyond the search concept to a phenomenon. It is a cool brand which aids with activities in every facet of life – from news to shopping; research to email.

In ”The Google Story”, the author captures snippets from the entrepreneurship side & personal lives of the young founders of ‘Google‘. From creation stage of their business, to developing and growing the brand towards their vision; all of which is captured in a detailed narrative that takes the reader into the realm of innovation, discovery, dreams & data.

There are many lessons contained within the story, but I will focus on the entrepreneurial ones – particularly so, stemming from the minds, intellect and savvy of the founding youth duo. There were the main driving force behind the unique ‘Google‘ brand & culture.

Neither a lack of experience, finance nor business reputation/ testimonials stopped them from striving towards their goals.

Here are some gems I hope will inspire you towards greater heights on your own entrepreneurial journey. I intend to utilise them – one at a time – to boost my own entrepreneurial drive.

5 Entrepreneurship Gems from ‘The Google Story’

1. Commit to a long term vision.

Think about what you want to achieve ultimately from your entrepreneurial pursuits. Then diligently adhere to this vision through each little step.

Do not lose focus of this when you get new investors, need to polish your skills, create new services or products, interview new people & even when you are deciding whether to go on a holiday or not.

Write out your business vision. Commit to it as you move towards your short and long term goals.

2. Move forward with your BIG ideas.

Work hard, take action; don’t let your ideas lay idle.

Ask questions & seek advice from your tutors, discuss with colleagues or other experts you may know. Write out all the names of of people you know and think about how their connections could help you.

Find people who can connect to your vision and at the same time have excellent skills to be part of your team.

Travel, if you need to, in search of the best. Collaborate with them so their knowledge and skills could help turn your ideas into positive & actionable outcomes.

3. Be innovative with your ideas and brand building.

Create regular opportunities for yourself and team(s) to  brainstorm purposefully.

Never be satisfied with the present level of affairs. Always have the intention to remain a progressive venture and to move to higher levels with your concept.

Dip into your creativity bank for ideas and yet more ideas. Collaborate with others and encourage your teams to come up with new and better ways of getting things done. Build a brand that matters and avoid being just another new idea.

4. Provide a quality service that benefits.

There are so many businesses around and they are all competing for attention. Make yours stand out with its quality as well as for its ability to benefit the users greatly.

Drive continuously at excellence, and never get comfortable with your present position. When your customers are satisfied, they will help you spread the word.

Imagine a product that people do not feel the need for and the low quality makes it even less appealing. You don’t have to think far about which one the customers will readily embrace and share with others.

5. Stay remarkable – Strive on being a Purple Cow.

The Google story showed how despite the changes & choices the founders were faced with, they remained focused on the outstanding quality of their service. So strive to make your services & products truly remarkable. You should strive to have unique standards.

Build your leadership & learning skills so you can stay at the top of the latest strategies and communicate them in the best way.

Ready for Success?

From these gems, you can see that entrepreneurial success isn’t simply about money as many think. It isn’t only a matter of experience and having BIG ideas.

It is a combination of having a bold vision, being innovative, remarkable and continuously working on an idea that will bring benefit to the society.

It isn’t one or the other.

It is all of these and more.

But you can begin your entrepreneurship journey today.

All you need is a clear vision strapped to a correct intention.

Are you ready to take a significant step towards entrepreneurship today? Share your vision below.

photo credit: manfrys via photopin cc


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  1. Rahma March 3, 2014

    Mmmmm… Interesting review! Makes me want to grab the book. I look forward to implementing the ideas.

    1. Amina Edota March 8, 2014

      Let me know how the ideas work for you Sr. Rahma.

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