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Eid Mubarak: Share your Special Greetings


Eid Mubarak: Share your Special Greetings


I asked a favour of you.

Y.O.U responded.

From Pakistan, Nigeria and worldwide.

For those who were able to share their special Eid greetings, thank you for taking out the time. For those who couldn’t make the 24 hours time frame – I admit it was quite tight – you can still contribute in the comments below.

Eid is a universal celebration for our Ummah. A time for unity, shared joy and brotherhood vibes. Yet, it comes with it’s different flavours, greetings and varieties of festivities.

It is interesting most of you who responded say you use ‘Eid Mubarak’ in your own homes & communities. Let’s try to make up the collection of greetings to at least ten different types. Let us empower our Ummah with this knowledge.

As I soak in gratitude and other great vibes from around me and within, let’s learn something new by saying these 2 greetings below.

3,2,1 and… goooo.


Greeting: “Akhtar de umbarak sha”

Meaning: “May your Eid be blessed (Mubarik)”

[Pashto, Pakistan] by Leesha Ayleen


Greeting: ”Eku odun, Eku iyedun, Emi a se opolopo odun laye o”

Meaning: ”Happy celebration, Happy expressions of joy. May our lives be spared to see many more celebrations”

Literal meaning: Well done celebration, Well done rejoicing, The soul will do plenty celebrations in this world.

[Yoruba, Nigeria] by Shakur Ajala


This is to wish you a blessed Eid, ”Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones”. Taqabbal Allaahu minna wa minkum. May Allah (swt) accept (this worship) from us and you.

Have an epic celebration!

I still wanna hear the different flavours of Eid greetings so get commenting below.

Do you have a special way of saying ‘Eid Mubarak’?  Please share…


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