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Why Education Should Never End

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Why Education Should Never End


This is a guest post by Author & Speaker Nisaar Nadiadwala. It is insightful and calls to investing in your own learning.

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There is a humorous saying in the corporate circle, ”Most of the people get education without going to a campus and the rest after graduating from the campus.”

Most of us have not understood the term and the purpose of education. There are two types of education. One is the formal one which teaches us to read, write and analyze. After they award us a degree most of us think that we are educated enough.

The real education begins after you step out of your campus. This education if taken seriously, takes you to unimaginable heights.

The spirit to learn is among the finest passion
Ibn Masood (ra) said: “There is not a single Qur’anic verse whose context of revelation I don’t know of, yet if I knew that someone far off knows a little more about a verse than me, I would travel all the way to get it.”

Gaining knowledge does not end when you die, and passing knowledge to someone else benefits even after you die.

Continuing Education enriches your brain capital
Most of the companies in the US spend billions of Dollars in training and educating staff who are already executives and managers. These seniors are high salaried professionals yet they need to be updated from different sources of knowledge. It increases their efficiency and productivity.

Most of my source of income today is from what I have learnt in the past three years. Even six figure earning people like Alan Weiss claim the same.

More learning keeps Intelligence and Wisdom growing
Intelligence and wisdom are never stagnant. They need regular watering. From my experience, the more you remain a student and keep learning, the more you grow in that field.

When Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani, the famous Muhaddith of our time, graduated from his Madarasa, there were others in his batch but he continued his learning from seniors and books which were introduced to him in his student days.

That quest for studies led him to more knowledge and he went on to become the biggest scholar of hadith that the Ummah has seen in past 400 years.

Invest in learning
Workshops and seminars teach us a lot of things, if the subject is appealing and conducted in a modest way. Along with the subject of the workshop, we get to learn new teaching skills and other creative ideas to make our own teaching interesting.

Robert Kiyosaki, the famous bestselling writer once wrote that he still attends paid workshops to gain more knowledge. He says that such learning has got him more knowledge which in return became a source of increased income.

The money that we spend on learning is introduced as ‘Investment’ because it sharpens what you have learnt till now.

Seek more avenues through stretched education
Shaikh Ahmed Deedat was a grocery boy who educated himself in inter faith dialogues. And that built him a parallel career which lifted him from a small grocery shop in Cape Town to the top position in the field of Da’wah.

Many sport stars have educated themselves in TV anchoring and giving commentaries thus building a parallel career even before retiring.

Don’t say I have studied enough
Many times we feel that we have learnt enough. Thus, each time an invitation for learning something different reaches us, many of us reject it out rightly thinking “we don’t require it”.

Don’t say I don’t have time to learn!
Famous sales Author and trainer Zig Ziglar once wrote that he had learnt four languages while waiting for the flights at airports and that productive waiting period made him an international salesman and raised his income index too.

My studies about the successful professionals say that sales managers, teachers, managing directors, parents, all attend workshops to update their skills.

Teaching others is also learning
In my school days, my mother used to encourage me to teach the junior students. “It will help revise what you have learnt”, she used to say.

In one of our workshops on Islamic public speaking, Dr. Zakir Naik said: ”When I teach you all, I improve my own performance.”

You can’t say what returns can you get out of continuation of learning
My editor was also very fond of books. One day he showed me his collection in his new apartment and said, “Nisaar, if I sell all these books at half the rates, I can buy another apartment out of the money!”

He introduced me to the thought of buying books by cutting down other expenses. It is due to his appetite of knowledge that he is capable of writing three times more than I write every day.

He is 80 years old and still gets the highest package amongst the Gujarati writers.

photo credit: NatureNerd (probably outside) via photopin cc

Author Nisaar Nadiadwala has written four books and hosts workshops for families and corporate bodies. He has 10 years experience in public speaking training, Alhamdulillah. He can be responded to at mnisaar@gmail.com


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