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Dawah Revival: Important Tools for Dawah Work

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Dawah Revival: Important Tools for Dawah Work


Dawah is NOT for the faint-hearted.

It is a path full of challenges and struggles. And it is a source of constant pain.

You need the right tools for Dawah to ease that pain.

But, that notwithstanding, it is your duty – mine & yours. Each at our individual level, calling to the message of truth & Oneness.

Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction. (Surah An-Nahl Q16.125)

Dawah is an important daily work. It is an investment whose dividends benefit you as much as those you invite.

It is an attitude, a mind-set and a way of life.

As an instructor once taught that you need to be in ‘Dawah Mode’ all the time.

Whether at work, school or at the Masjid. This mode should be activated even while shopping, at the bus station or taking a walk in the neighbourhood.


The Need for Dawah Revival

It is simple.

Our Ummah needs Dawah.

The human heart needs Dawah and so does the soul.

A few days ago, I watched a short video clip posted by Br. Abdurraheem Green – of iERA – on his Facebook page. The clip brought pain to my heart but at the same time relief & pleasure from the deep sense of camaraderie I felt from his situation.

If you are wondering, why that feeling of pain and pleasure at the same time?

It is because I have experienced the same type of situation and can relate to it completely.

His video captured the venue of an event they were hosting. And the beautiful large hall was virtually empty. In fact, he mentioned that the organisers outnumbered the attendees at that moment. When just a short while back the same venue held long queues of attendees trying to get in for an event that had a Nasheed artist performing.

What does that mean?

Just the state of our Ummah. The soul is being neglected for the lowly desires of the body & instant gratification. And the Akhirah is being traded for the Dunya.

As you can imagine from the nature of this type of work, you need some important tools.


Important Dawah Tools you Need

– Sincerity. As your pillar and foundation. You will need to check and renew that sincerity over and over in the course of your Dawah work.

– Ihsaan (Excellence). As a standard for all situations. You need to decorate and furnish your project appropriately.

– Strength. To persevere and carry on, no matter what. Seek your strength from Allah (swt) alone.

– Support. Engage with other Dawah comrades. To keep you energised & reminded that you are not alone in your struggles.

– Excuse Meter. Make excuses for others and for yourself.

Attention. Be mentally alert – stay in Dawah mode always. It is not work to resign or retire from.

– Kind words. Mind your words & how you communicate them. Let them convey kindness, positivity & good feelings.

– Knowledge. Keep learning & sharpening your Dawah skills. Take lessons from the lives of Prophets such as Nuh (as) and Yunus (as)

– Good Thoughts. Always have good thoughts of others, so you can give your best support when needed.


Matching Ahead with Your Tools

Your Dawah duties must continue in good & bad weather.

Your writing must continue, the speeches and workshops must happen time and time again. The teaching, training, mentoring, masterminds and coaching must not cease. Keep spinning the ideas and turning out beneficial work.

The pain will come from wanting success and goodness for your fellow brothers/sisters beyond the worldly goodies. Yet, you will find them lost in busyness, entangled in Dunya worries and negligent of the hereafter and all that it holds.

Don’t Q.U.I.T.

Quitting is not an option.

Keep sharing. Keep calling. Keep doing.

Do your Dawah work in the best way suitable to you. Remember you are walking on the same path as the Noble ones before you. And your striving & actions are saved in the record books – awaiting you.

Just approach each Dawah moment with the right tools.

Your turn – Which important tool did I miss out? Add them in the comments below please.

photo credit: beaucon via photopin cc


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