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Craft Your Own Legacy – Part 1


Craft Your Own Legacy – Part 1


There are books and there are books.

No doubt about that.

Do you remember reading one so captivating you could hardly put it down? Perhaps you spent sleepless nights trying to reach the end or maybe you had to sneak away several times during the day so you could concentrate. What about taking a longer travel route so you could enjoy some interrupted reading time?

Yes? Sound familiar?


Now what made that book any different from others you could barely manage to get through half of the first chapter. Right now, you are not even sure where you kept it. You can only guess that its most likely picking up dust somewhere in your book jungle never to be rescued again.

Such compelling books are just few out of the millions written by authors from all over the world.

What distinguishes one from the other? What makes one stand out from the rest? And how is it that ‘that one’ provokes your thoughts and leaves you with many experiences and emotions, days and weeks and even months after you finish reading it?

You won’t mind reading it again and again. You even recommend it each day to your friends, family and colleagues at work – whether it’s a personal development, business or fiction type work.

Now let’s do a little mental exercise.


If your life was a book, what will the title read? What stories would be found inside? List all the main characters. Describe the settings. Will it be a thriller, comedy or sci-fi? Or something else? Will it leave its readers asking for more or will it be abandoned in their book jungle for uninspiring books?

Seriously, which type of book would you rather be?

As an ambassador [yes! you are an ambassador of Islam], certainly you deserve to be that bestselling book – which serves as an invaluable resource, guide, model and legacy to the Ummah. Each time you are engaged with, the experience is even better and more lessons are learned and more beneficial knowledge tapped into.

All isn’t lost, you can still nurture your skills and craft your own legacy. No one can do it for you. The making of a legacy begins from your worldly life, as your deeds and actions are being recorded. And this will earn you double rewards in this world and in the next life, In Sha Allah.

Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private conversations? Yes, [We do], and Our messengers are with them recording.
[Quran 43:80]

Or are you secretly hoping to become a best selling title after you are gone?

Hmmnh! Don’t put your hope on dreams and imagination. Lay the foundations today for building a timeless legacy that teaches & influences, yet compels others to take positive action from generation to generation.

You have to walk the walk; talk the talk; and craft the craft.

In part two, In Sha Allah you will take a walk through 4 steps that will guide you in crafting a compelling legacy. This post is just a warm up. The practice task lies ahead.

Over to you, what type of legacy will you like to leave behind?

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


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