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Button Those Lips: Ripple Effect of Loose Talk, Mindless Chatter & Hot Gist

Youthly Notes

Button Those Lips: Ripple Effect of Loose Talk, Mindless Chatter & Hot Gist


Fawziyyah loves to chat.

She simply could not give up a good chance of spreading spicy news, gists and giving updates.

Right from her tween years, she was nicknamed ‘Freeporter’ because she was considered very efficient at dissipating viral stories the moment she gets them.

As a youth, she was well noted for ‘hot news’ and her phone lines popularly called ”hotlines”.

That was the popular side of Fawziyyah, a confident and energetic sister. Her family and friends would easily agree to this aspect of her character, with little or no discrepancies.

What became of Miss Popular?

One Hadith changed her life.

From a life of words, gists and casual chatter, Fawziyyah transitioned to a life of reflection & wise speech.

Her goals moved beyond instant pleasure to yearning for a promise of a beautiful & everlasting reward.

Her current status is that of deep regret, pain and constant repentance. The thought that her dramatic words, carefully plotted stories & colourful chatter can never be taken back… brings her so much unhappiness.

Yet, she is thankful for having discovered the truth early in life.

With a nagging feeling of carrying a huge burden on her shoulders, hers’ is a life of constant repentance and striving to increase in good deeds. Her goal is to earn rewards in multiples to overshadow the negative aspects of the past ripple effect caused by her mindless chatter.

Even as she prepared for the upcoming lecture with a focused look at her MindMap, the Hadith came to mind.

She stole a glance at her ex-partner in ‘free gist’ – Fahd, who remains her partner-in-repentance as he drove them towards the centre. Always the dependable twin, he easily accepted the message she gave him.

Twins at birth, twins in faith and hopefully twins in eternal bliss.

Although the lectures & discussions vary from audience to audience, the core message from the twins remain the same – Button Those Lips!

Because you cannot capture back those words once they are released.

You are only an actor, so play the best part.

When the end comes, you can’t simply switch roles.

So don’t be caught in surprise.

Act the part you want to end on.

Be the best, speak the best!

Which Hadith, advice or reminder has had a huge impact on your life?

photo credit: Marc A. Sporys | photholics via photopin cc


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