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[Just like Muhammad Ali]: Be an Ambassador of Islam

Personal Growth

[Just like Muhammad Ali]: Be an Ambassador of Islam


Confession time!

I can’t stand B.O.X.I.N.G.

I’ve never liked it and have little to no patience watching it on TV or any other media for that matter.

Once upon a time, I used to put up with it because of a young cousin who was in love with it.

We got on quite well with the cousin. Some of our meaningful chats happened while he was watching his boxing matches.

His interest and devotion never made much sense to me. He had boxing gloves plus other boxing gear and would often go for training.

I used to say to him and others that I would rather pay a fine than watch their sporting matches or attend a live event.

Notwithstanding my lacklustre attitude towards boxing, this past week which saw Muhammad Ali trending all over social media has a been a period of quiet reflection and inner growth for me.

Muhammad Ali, man of many titles – a Muslim brother; activist; boxing champ, sports icon, philanthropist and much more – came to the end of his journey in this temporal life. He didn’t make it to Ramadan 2016.

Beyond his awards and accolades, he’s left behind many lessons on how to be a proud representative of Islam – an ambassador to the core.

I’ve said it already, but like a broken record I will say it again – I’m no fan of boxing.

But I’m a passionate learner and have great interest in human personality, personal growth and empowerment.

And the more I read about the life of Muhammad Ali, the more I see a unique model of self growth and transformation for Muslims and mankind at large.

Just like Muhammad Ali… Here are 10 ways you can be an ambassador of Islam

> If you cannot change something wrong with your hands, speak out against it – use your words.

> Be known for breaking barriers – whether of race, religion or other negative mind sets.

> Advertise for Islam – use your skills, energy and passion in a positive way.

> Stand up for what you believe and have a clear sense of purpose.

> Do not limit yourself or allow the the society to limit you.

> Acknowledge that Allah (SWT) is the Greatest.

> Fear your Creator, not His creations.

> Be proud to be known as a Muslim.

> Remember the hereafter often.

> Walk your talk.

Our perfect role model is Rasulullah (SAW).

No other human is free of errors and imperfections.

You can only take worthy lessons from fellow humans to make life better as you continue your journey of growth, learning and personal transformation from one phase to another.

While you are still in this temporal world, strive to utilise your youth, health, wealth, free time and life to be an ambassador of Islam.

May Allah (SWT) forgive our brothers and sisters who have departed this world before us.

And may ours be a great end when its time.

”Don’t count the days, make the days count” ~ Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

In what ways will you strive to be a true representative of Islam? Please share below…


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