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Attaining Calm and Clarity with the Qur’an


Attaining Calm and Clarity with the Qur’an


How often does your mind, body and soul cry out?

Seeking in desperation some care, nourishment and healing.

The battles you fight within your heart are too numerous to recount. They leave your entire being exhausted and confused, torn in different directions. And the same goes for the physical body.

It will be quite easy to get lost trying to find peace within the chaos; With stress giving way to more stress whatever direction you face.

Too often, we seek calm and clarity on both simple and complex life situations. But our tools, means and process bring about nothing of the calm and clarity we seek.

The trending tool of this age and time is Music. To serve as a source of comfort for the heart, body and soul.

Which is your source of inner peace and calm?

Qur’an or Music?

To achieve what you seek, you need to align yourself with the true fitrah – from manifestations of Tawheed the process which is outlined repeatedly in the Qur’an for all of mankind.

Qur’an is the true source of guidance and success for mankind. But you need to take out time to reflect on it.

Ponder 12 simple truths [in your search for calm and clarity] which look closely at the relationship of Music & Qur’an with the mind, body and soul.

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