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Assalamu ‘alaykum,

I welcome you to YouthlyHub with the greetings of peace.

My M.I.S.S.I.O.N is simple:

In sha Allah, it is to empower Muslim Youth and Youthly Muslims worldwide to reach their highest potential [for this world and the next] so they can empower our Ummah – via pure teachings of Islam.

I serve an awesome community of ‘Personal Development Warriors’ who are courageous about developing themselves & our Ummah.


Are you…

  • Ready to experiment and practice being a Master Personal Development warrior?
  • Ready to move towards your dreams and aspirations?
  • Ready to contribute positively to our Ummah?
  • Ready to learn & grow in new ways?
  • Ready to take action?

If you are ready, then simply subscribe below.


My name is Amina Edota and I am the Chief Morale Booster at YouthlyHub.

I’m a passionate Educator, Youth Mentor and Social Entrepreneur.

I work with the Youth because I am deeply committed to turning their youthly opportunities into success and victory for both worlds – biithnillah.

Join our exciting community to:

  • Boost your spirituality;
  • Enhance your creativity;
  • Enrich your relationships;
  • Improve your personality;
  • Strengthen your identity;
  • Renew your sense of purpose;
  • Achieve victory with your goals.

You can join by signing up below. Simply enter your email and click ”Subscribe”


If you are ready to clarify and kick-start your personal development, you are in the right place. Join us.

Join the self development community on Facebook and  Twitter.

Our community culture and climate is that of purpose, progress, possibilities, positivity, practice, passion and compassion.

Let’s engage and commit to developing YOU and our Ummah.

Join me? Just enter your email below & click ‘Subscribe’!



To unleashing your strengths and potentials, one step at a time!

Wassalam ‘alaykum

Amina Edota

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JazaakumAllah khayr

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