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5 Ways to Tap into the Great Power of Intention

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5 Ways to Tap into the Great Power of Intention


Have you ever felt that a problem was solved or pain eased simply by changing your intention –  without taking any physical action?

It is like turning on a mental switch from confusion to sanity; and such was the cherished experience I felt just a couple of weeks ago. A huge relief came from striving to tap into the great power of intention.

Why should you have sincere intentions ?
– Your actions and corresponding reward will be based on your intention.
– Intention drives you towards your goals.
– It makes you see the bigger picture beyond the temporary world.
– It helps you prioritise and find focus.
– Good intention brings rewards whether carried out or not.

All of your actions will be judged according to your intentions. This is made clear in a popular narration: ”Actions shall be judged according to intentions”. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Imagine the physical energy required to start running, or mental push required to begin a simple habit such as daily writing. Beyond that first great effort, you will still need to maintain momentum along the way. That is how an intention powers your start, and redirects you along the journey.

When everything seem to fall apart, I had to review my intention prior to my holiday and found peace and sanity as I redirected the whispers within. I found power within and around from tapping the powerful switch.

Here are 5 ways you can tap endlessly from the power of intention.
1. Ask Allah (SWT) for sincerity in seeking His pleasure alone in all of your actions, beginning with the right intention.
2. Always aim high with your intentions.
3. Renew your intentions frequently.
4. Link your intentions to your goals & review your goals regularly.
5. Strengthen your intentions by making frequent supplications.

Making an intention is simple yet powerful, especially when you direct your effort and outcomes towards pleasing Allah (SWT) alone.

You can begin with the correct intention, and that will be akin to building the right foundation or starting off on the right foot. Ask Allah (SWT) for His pleasure & make an intention to do your deeds for His sake. Remember to be humble and intentional with what you seek.

Ask yourself just as I did; Is my intention sincere?; Is it directed towards success in both worlds?

Next, flip the switch towards the correct intention.

Your sincerity has to do with the ‘WHY’.

  • Why are you attending the study circle or forwarding the videos to your 1001 contacts? Is it to earn you popularity or help yourself/ others? Are you calling others to the path of the pleasure of Allah (swt).
    Are your actions done only for the pleasure of Allah (swt) alone or some friends on the block?

Thus sincerity matters a lot in distinguishing between the value of your actions. And only Allah (SWT) alone knows about this sincerity – whether it is real or not

Think about it.

So much could be gained by beginning with a sincere intention. Tap into this great power from the beginning of any deed you want to perform or a decision you have to make.

Next thing to consider is, are those intentions worthy of your time, knowledge and skills. Are they driving you towards success both in this world and the next?

If not, check yourself and rethink those intentions.

Always aim for nothing less than Allah’s pleasure and a final destination of Jannah with your intentions. Renew them daily or even more frequently as required.

To renew your intention brings you greater rewards; because your goals, actions, and thoughts are all based on those intentions. And the quality of such actions/ goals/ thoughts are based in the same way on the quality on your intention.

Now what are your goals in life?

With the correct intention, you can prioritise and do more focused work towards your goals. This can help you achieve a lot in less time; and gain you more rewards for each time you renew that action, work on it and direct yourself towards executing it.

Keep up with focused supplications as your awareness of your goals can help you stay firm with your intention.

Whatever you do – in play and in seriousness, upgrade the quality of your actions with the great essence of intention.

During a recent holiday, I enjoyed family time; explored sights and sounds; attended a halaqah by the beachside, made new friends and business connections. All of these activities were done with a constant check on my intention as I found other great lessons from my travel.

The holiday plans and goals all began with a ‘why‘ and ended on a similar note. The purpose of this post is to inspire you to question your own ‘why’ from day to day. Are you satisfied with the answers within?

How will you tap into this great power of intention beginning today?

photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc


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