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33 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Ramadan

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33 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Ramadan


Ramadan is in the air.

Are you panicking about your hectic lifestyle? Plus the countless commitments you’ve made?

Or perhaps you are thinking, ”it’s no big deal. Let it come when it comes”.

Whatever your stand, Ramadan is worth more than your average season of goodies. Imagine all the freebies and bonuses you have ever received – Ramadan is worth more than that.

It is the best season ever; packed with bonuses & rewards for your worldly life and the hereafter.

It is an opportunity to rekindle strong bonds with your Creator. Reawaken your senses to His remembrance, His love and His blessings. And purify your mind, body and soul with intentional effort.

Allah (swt) says: “Every good deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting, for it is for Me
and I will reward it.”
[Hadith Qudsi, Bukhari and Muslim]

The Prophet (saw) said: “There is not a servant (of Allaah) that fasts a day in the way of Allaah, except that Allaah removes his face from the fire by the distance of seventy years because of that.”
[Bukhari and Muslim]

Don’t wait.

Aim for the best of Ramadan by committing to these simple actions with sincerity and consistency. Get ready for Ramadan in the following ways:

Build simple day-to-day habits…
1. Do some voluntary fasting
2. Read the Qur’an daily
3. Do daily dhikr
4. Give daily charity
5. Share reminders about Ramadan

6. List area(s) of your life you want to improve in Ramadan
7. Write out duas you want answered in Ramadan
8. Include duas of friends and loved ones – ask them
9. Write habits you want to rid yourself of
10. Write out ways you can make a contribution at home, school or community

Ask Allah (swt)…
11. Ask Him to preserve you till Ramadan
12. Ask Him to keep you steadfast after Ramadan
13. Ask Him to accept your effort and duas in Ramadan
14. Ask Him to make your upcoming Ramadan the best
15. Ask Him to surround you with righteous buddies

Plan ahead…
16. Start a countdown; make a chart
17. Plan a Ramadan passion project
18. Plan for time off especially in the last ten days
19. Track your time usage – fill it with purpose driven activities
20. Plan to spend your most productive hours with the righteous and knowledgeable

You can do it…
21. Make a budget for Ramadan and Eid
22. Make healthy meal plans for the month
23. Make or buy some Ramadan visuals
24. Draft your Eid gift list
25. Design or buy Ramadan gift cards
26. Create or buy a Ramadan journal
27. Record a Ramadan audio or video message for friends and loved ones

Get personal…
28. Forgive others
29. Rekindle rusty family ties
30. Be thankful for your life & blessings in it – including upcoming Ramadan
31. Anticipate a fulfilling and positive Ramadan month ahead
32. Find out about needy people, causes and social activites in your community
33. Tell everyone including colleagues and neighbours about the guest you are expecting -Ramadan

Ramadan is a B.I.G deal.

Don’t squander this once-in-a-year opportunity.

Get yourself ready. Be an early bird. You can improve your entire life with these simple steps.

Start today. Start NOW.


Are you ready? In what other ways do you plan to get ready for Ramadan?


Image via pixabay.com


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